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      March 31, 2021

      Continental Supplies Tires for First Electrically-Powered DPD Truck in Switzerland

      • 19-metric ton truck converted to electric drive by technology company Designwerk
      • Truck for Swiss regional transport, range of more than 700 km
      • Continental supplies truck tires from the Eco product line in a special design with low rolling resistance and high mileage

      Continental is supplying the tires for a new Futuricum electric truck based on a Volvo FH, which has been converted to electric drive by Designwerk Products AG. Tires from the Continental Eco product line have been approved for the front, drive and trailer axles of the vehicle. DPD Switzerland will deploy the 19-metric-ton service for regional transport in Switzerland. 

      The designers and the transport company opted for the Continental tires because they combine high mileage and low rolling resistance – both of which are important properties for the cost-efficient operation of electrically driven commercial vehicles. The three companies are pioneers in environmentally friendly transport solutions, including for heavy trucks. “For many years now, Continental has been focusing on the development of products that help fleet operators reduce the emissions of commercial vehicles,” explains Continental tire development expert Andreas Schlenke. “These technologies are now also crucial for increasing the efficiency of electric trucks. We’re delighted to participate in this exciting project with our products.”

      The truck tires, which feature a striking design, are part of the EcoRegional model family. In addition to low rolling resistance and high mileage, they also provide for short braking distances and low rolling noise – also important properties for sustainable transport.

      Continental develops tires for electric trucks and busses

      For the Hanover-based company, equipping the “Futuricum truck” is not the first step toward tires for electrically powered commercial vehicles. Continental already presented a prototype tire for electric trucks at the IAA Commercial Vehicles in 2018. With the Urban HA3, the company also offers a tire for electric city buses. Last year, a number of tire tests were carried out jointly with Dutch electric bus manufacturer VDL Bus &Coach on the Contidrom test track.

      The Swiss company Designwerk Products AG specializes in converting trucks and vans to electric drives and in mobile chargers. With the “Futuricum” truck, the first all-electric heavy truck, with a gross vehicle weight of 19 metric tons and a range of more than 700 km, is currently being put into operation for DPD Switzerland.

      Products and sizes

      Front axle: Conti EcoRegional HS3, size 385/65 R 22.5
      Drive axle: Conti EcoRegional HD3, size 315/80 R 22.5
      Trailer: Conti EcoPlus HT3, size 385/65 R 22.5

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