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      Press Release
      May 04, 2021

      New Upholstery Materials for Excellent Seating Comfort

      interzum @home 2021

      • skai upholstery materials win Interzum Award: Intelligent Material & Design 2021 and two red dots 2021
      • All-rounders on the furniture – The future is sustainable
      • Premiere: skai VyP Lana with laif technology ensures breathability for maximum comfort
      • Premiere: skai Tovel EN – it’s like sitting on a cloud
      • Premiere: skai Toronto EN with staynu technology keeps upholstery looking new for longer
      • Alternative: skai Pureto EN provides lasting seating

      Cologne, Germany, May 4, 2021.The technology company Continental will be presenting new surfaces for the global furniture industry at interzum @home from May 4-7, 2021. The world’s leading trade fair for furniture manufacturing and interior design is taking place purely virtually for the first time. Within this framework with different digital formats – product highlights, chat tools, video streaming – Continental will be showcasing a wealth of innovations and concepts and thereby providing impetus for the design of tomorrow's living spaces.

      All-Rounders on the Furniture

      The surface is the obvious feature, which is why upholstered furniture focused for a long time on the design in particular. The same was also true for upholstery materials. It was above all the look – and later the feel – of the surface which were decisive, with specific properties and functions being less important. With the tightening of the fire protection regulations in the contract area, the focus shifted to flame-retardant furnishings, with Continental also presenting surface materials which were equipped in accordance with fire protection class B1. In the wake of the current pandemic, specific properties such as resistance to disinfectants, antibacterial features and ease of cleaning are required – and the hygiene requirements continue to rise. skai upholstery materials satisfy all the demands that life places on them, with the extensive portfolio being equipped for any eventuality. High-quality design meets technological expertise, which stands for a special comfort experience with the laif technology, for example, and for special stain resistance and ease of cleaning with the staynu technology. It is not least thanks to these specific properties that skai upholstery materials repeatedly prevail over the competition and win prestigious awards.

      The future is sustainable

      Continental takes responsibility for the world of tomorrow that we will leave to our children. The company is driven by the achievement of climate goals, such as CO2 neutrality. For example, the surface specialists use natural and renewable raw materials as far as possible, rely on solvent-free and water-based polyurethane systems, with raw materials of animal origin intentionally not being used. The surfaces are developed and manufactured at certified sites, under fair working conditions and using the strictest standards worldwide. Highly energy-efficient production and the environmentally friendly use of resources are a reality here. Environmental protection is not only written down on paper, but is implemented through waste avoidance and recycling, exhaust air purification and water protection. Last but not least, quality is a sustainable feature: skai products are particularly durable and robust – and therefore come with a manufacturer’s warranty of up to 5 years.

      Breathable for Maximum Comfort

      Design meets function in the upholstery materials skai VyP Lana, which thanks to the laif technology belongs to the latest generation of breathable upholstery materials. In visual terms it is trendy, soft pastel colors which dominate, giving the furniture a certain lightness. With its soft, pleasant feel, skai VyP Lana provides a good feeling. This applies not only when it is sat on, as the material is manufactured in a resource-saving, energy-efficient process. The raw materials used do not contain any conventional solvents, but are based on aqueous PU systems. The hybrid material consisting of vinyl and polyurethane takes advantage of the best properties of two worlds: the softness of the surface and the durability of the material. Maximum comfort is provided by skai VyP Lana thanks to its laif technology, which allows air and water vapour to pass through. The result: The material “breathes” no matter how long it is sat on. Nothing is unpleasant, the seating comfort remains. The trendy color range consists of six current pastel shades. skai VyP Lana with laif technology has been honored for its high product quality with the Interzum Award: Intelligent Material & Design 2021 and won the red dot 2021.

      Like sitting on a cloud

      The new skai Tovel EN product is a high-quality material for upholstered seating furniture that invites you to take a seat with its exceptionally soft feel and velvety appearance. A fine microstructure combined with elegant printed clouds gives the material a very authentic look in all 14 natural shades. With this look it fits perfectly into modern interiors. skai Tovel EN can be used in all areas that place high demands on surfaces – whether in the office, at home, in a restaurant or hotel. This novel material also impresses with its technical properties: It is highly abrasion-resistant, has a flame-retardant finish and does not compromise on comfort.

      Always in Top Form

      skai Toronto EN is suitable as a high-quality upholstery material for many applications – above all in the contract area. Thanks to the staynu technology, the material has an innovative surface coating and is therefore highly resistant to stains and very easy to clean. A special coating seals the surface, so that dirt particles cannot adhere or – if they do happen to – cannot penetrate deep into the coating. Bacteria and viruses on this surface are easily eliminated with disinfectant. So the elegant leather look remains in top form for a long time – no matter what happens. Even extremely stubborn stains from markers, ballpoint pens, ketchup or lipstick are no reason to reupholster or replace the furniture because on skai Toronto EN with staynu technology, simple cleaning is all that is needed for stain removal. 16 trendy color shades are available from the beginning. Awarded the red dot 2021.

      Sustainable Seating Pleasure

      Due to its materiality, the new skai Pureto EN made of polyurethane is an alternative to conventional synthetic upholstery materials. It is free of PVC and manufactured with an innovative water-based PU system. It is also produced in Germany in a resource-saving manner and is therefore consistently sustainable. The material properties of skai Pureto EN are also impressive: The material is resistant to hydrolysis and does not lose its properties upon contact with water, water vapor or moisture. Furthermore, the innovative material is an animal-friendly alternative, as no raw materials of animal origin are deliberately used. skai Pureto EN is easy to clean and its properties do not change under high light intensity or heavy abrasion. Its grip and soft feel contribute to the high level of comfort on the furniture. The innovative surface displays a fine structure design. The material is available in 13 modern trendy colors. This new development is particularly suitable for seating in offices, hotels, catering establishments or public buildings. It comes with a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty. skai Pureto EN has won three awards: the Interzum Award: Intelligent Material & Design 2019 for high product quality, the Iconic Award 2020: Innovative Interior and the German Innovation Award 2020.

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