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      Press Release
      April 12, 2022

      Update for Trailer Axles: Conti EcoPlus HT3+ Contributes to Green Fleet Management

      • Greater sustainability, lower CO2 emissions: fuel-saving, high-mileage tire for trailers
      • Lowest real-life total costs: 10 percent higher mileage, lower rolling resistance, even better retreadability
      • Safe year-round use: 3PMSF and EU tire label wet grip rating A

      Hanover, April 12, 2022. The Conti EcoPlus tire family is a reliable choice for fleet operators seeking to minimize real-life fleet costs and cut CO2 emissions. Designed to deliver genuine fuel savings and a guaranteed high mileage, these truck tires for long-distance transport are an excellent contributor to more sustainable logistics. Following the launch of the updated Conti EcoPlus HS3+ and Conti EcoPlus HD3+ tires over the past year, the updated Conti EcoPlus HT3+ tire for the trailer axle now completes Continental’s third generation of this eco-friendly tire family. The premium tire maker employed innovative rubber compounds and state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques to make further improvements to the tried-and-tested Conti EcoPlus HT3+ long-distance transport tire. Its performance has been optimized in terms of both rolling resistance and mileage. As a result, the tire promises outstanding fuel efficiency whilst also offering excellent retreadability. Meanwhile, the new 3PMSF marking indicates the tire’s safety credentials for all weathers, including tricky snow or ice-affected road conditions. It also offers the best possible grip in the wet, as confirmed by the EU tire label’s A rating for this characteristic. All in all, this tire is the ideal choice for keeping actual overall fleet costs to a minimum.

      Higher mileage: fuel saver for the trailer axle

      With the updated Conti EcoPlus HT3+, Continental is offering its fleet customers a long-distance transport tire that achieves remarkable fuel efficiency. The tread’s two-layer construction and the improved rubber compounds for both the tread and sidewall have made it possible to further reduce rolling resistance while increasing mileage. This is mainly down to the refined production process featuring Fuel Saving Edge technology and an optimized sipe pattern. The new groove geometry distributes pressure across the entire tread more effectively, resulting in uniform wear. This prevents the occurrence of one-sided wear or damage to the casing, preserving tire retreadability.

      “We have now completed our product line for emissions-conscious fleet operators with the arrival of the Conti EcoPlus HT3+,” remarks Hinnerk Kaiser, Head of Tire Development at Continental. “This robust, long-lasting and fuel-saving truck tire helps our fleet customers to make their long-distance transport logistics more sustainable.”

      Lower fuel consumption: improved environmental footprint and superior fleet efficiency

      Fuel-efficient commercial vehicles are good for both fleet expenditure and the environment. The impact of rolling resistance on fuel consumption can be as high as 30 percent, so it is a key lever for tire developers. Rolling resistance is also one of the parameters used by the VECTO simulation tool for calculating a truck’s fuel efficiency. VECTO and the EU regulation governing emissions performance continue to be key issues for the transport industry which, as has been well documented, needs to achieve a drastic cut in its CO2 emissions by 2030. In order to increase transparency in the tire selection process, Continental has come up with a CO2 and fuel calculator based on the VECTO simulation tool. This calculator allows fleet operators to see how much they can reduce their emissions and fuel consumption by with the right selection of Continental tires. Operating profile, tire design, tire pressure and rolling resistance combine to make a decisive difference to how much fuel a fleet consumes and how much could be saved – a crucial consideration at present with fuel prices at an all-time high.

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