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      Press Release
      September 06, 2022

      ContiConnect 2.0: Tire Data for Cost-Efficient and Sustainable Haulage

      • Haulage company Spedition Klotz relies on the tire management solutions from Continental and is already benefiting from the upgraded ContiConnect 2.0 platform as a test customer
      • Digital solutions increase the fleet’s efficiency and cost effectiveness
      • Artificial intelligence and digitalization: key issues for transport logistics

      Hanover, Germany, September 6, 2022. How can I keep costs down? This is a question of fundamental importance for the transport logistics business, especially in times of spiraling fuel prices. Bernd Klotz, Managing Director of haulage company Spedition Klotz, finds himself asking this same question almost daily. His fleet of 50 vehicles delivers goods to customers in Germany’s Freiburg region. In this sector, reliable delivery, friendly drivers and modern vehicles are just as essential as the right price-performance ratio. “So we’re always looking to keep our costs as low as possible,” says Klotz. “I’m absolutely certain that the only way to further reduce costs in the logistics industry is to keep improving efficiency.” To achieve this, the company relies on the Conti Hybrid range of tires with their optimized mileage and rolling resistance, retreaded ContiRe tires and digital solutions, also from Continental. Klotz has been using ContiConnect 2.0 since the start of this year.

      ContiConnect 2.0 with next-generation sensors

      The new platform and next-generation sensors combine to supply additional tire data for boosting fleet efficiency. “Our development team has implemented a Mileage Estimator function that indicates a tire’s remaining mileage,” explains Niklas Vauth, Head of Sensor Development at Continental. “In the past, our digital tire management solution sensors provided pressure and temperature readings. And now the tire mileage information will also enable our customers to monitor a tire’s performance throughout its lifetime,” adds Vauth. A physical tire is turned into a digital image. Costs become more transparent and fleet managers can achieve the type of efficiency improvements that will underpin further cost savings, reckons Klotz.

      Artificial intelligence for cost-efficient transport logistics

      Spedition Klotz has been a test customer from the outset, meaning the ContiConnect tire pressure monitoring system was first deployed at the haulage company back in 2015. The first vehicles fitted with second-generation sensors are now in action here. “Artificial intelligence and data connectivity will be of crucial importance for cost-efficient transport logistics,” affirms Klotz. Haulage contractors are able to access tire data for their vehicles in real time with the help of the tire sensors and the ContiConnect Driver App. ContiConnect transmits the live data to the display in the driver’s cab, to Klotz and to Continental’s 360° Solutions backend. If a critical tire condition is detected, the system will trigger an alarm – via the web portal, by SMS or by email. “Thanks to ContiConnect, I’ve got tire management under control, benefit from more reliable planning and can be certain of the operational safety of our fleet. That in turn means peace of mind for our team and ensures daily operations run smoothly,” praises Klotz.

      Predictive maintenance saves time, costs and stress

      ContiConnect helps to simplify the task of fleet maintenance. “I need reliable planning data,” insists Klotz. “If I can monitor the tires properly, I’ll know when it’s time to fit new ones.” The benefits of this are two-fold, he maintains: “Reliable operations planning brings a sense of tranquility and increases the overall quality of work.” There are advantages with regard to stock-keeping too. “Methodical work scheduling enables the workshop team to know when tire changes are due so they can plan the time required and have the right tires ready.” ContiConnect produces solid cost savings. “During the last six months, I’ve received five pressure loss alerts from the system,” reports Klotz. These alerts have prevented vehicle downtime and the need to reschedule shipments at short notice. Half an hour later, the tire problem has been dealt with.

      Sustainability and carbon savings

      The ContiConnect tire pressure monitoring system prevents punctures and allows tire life to be optimized. This reduces the use of resources and gives a major boost to fleet sustainability. “I see conservation of resources as something mandatory that we should be incorporating into our line of business,” remarks Klotz. For this reason, the haulage company uses retreaded tires from the ContiRe tire family alongside ContiConnect, as well as opting to regroove tires. “Regrooving allows me to extend tire life and benefit from the tire’s full performance spectrum.”

      The haulage contractor also endeavors to avoid unnecessary journeys. “The idea is to organize goods transport as efficiently as possible – with vehicles always operating at full capacity and carrying loads that have been optimized in terms of both weight and volume,” says Klotz. The haulage company is pulling out all the stops to create its own cost-efficient, sustainable and connected system of fleet management for the future. And the digital solutions from Continental are part of its grand plan.

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