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      January 31, 2023

      Continental Adds ContiCasingAccount for Retreaded Tires to Casing Management Concept

      • ContiCasingAccount allows dealers to offer new customer service with premium performance and attractive tire prices
      • Efficient, reasonably priced, sustainable, simple: positive feedback from test customers
      • Lowest total real-world costs: new casing bank added to ContiLifeCycle concept’s system of casing management

      Hanover, Germany, January 31, 2023. Continental has devised a new service for its tire dealers: the ContiCasingAccount. This allows dealers to earn credit by ‘paying’ used casings from their truck customers into an account. The new service has already been successfully tested in collaboration with 28 dealers in Germany. The next step is to roll out the program to all tire dealers interested in taking part. The initial verdict: the ContiCasingAccount reduces fleet costs, optimizes tire life and cuts emissions – in short, it has clear benefits to offer for everyone involved. “Using our retread solutions with well-maintained Continental casings allows us to lower tire costs by 30 to 40 percent,” explains Annika Lorenz, Head of Fleet Solutions Germany at Continental. “Retreading a tire saves around 70 percent of the materials required for manufacturing a new tire, greatly reducing the environmental impact. Besides these raw material savings, retreading also helps to bring down CO2 emissions as well as water and energy consumption.”

      Added value for dealers and fleet customers

      The tire dealer adds the used casings to their ContiCasingAccount, receiving credit for them in return. This credit can then be used flexibly within a year to acquire retreaded tires for their customers as and when required. The dealer also benefits from an attractive exchange price for the retreaded tire. The ContiCasingAccount is incorporated into the ContiOnlineCont@ct portal. The user-friendly web-based platform allows tire dealers to easily follow the entire process – from collection through to assessment. ContiCasingAccount users benefit from a preferential delivery service directly from the ContiLifeCycle plant in Hanover-Stöcken.

      Meanwhile, the ContiRe retreads business quietly plays its part in making fleets more sustainable, lowering costs and helping to keep real-world fleet costs as low as possible. The casings are picked up by Continental so they don’t take up valuable storage space at the dealer’s premises.

      This video provides a clear explanation of how the ContiCasingAccount works.

      What our customers say

      Tire dealer Dirk Thomsen, managing director of Reifen Thomsen Tarp GmbH, also benefits from the advantages and added value of the ContiCasingAccount. From four branches in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany, he supplies his customers with passenger, commercial vehicle and off-road tires and offers a comprehensive tire service. Here, he relies on the ContiCasingAccount. “Continental's casing bank works very intuitively and digitally,” Thomsen reports. “It is practical, simple and sustainable. So it fits our corporate philosophy, strengthens customer relationships and makes our work easier.” Eric Hoffmann, Managing Director of Reifen Hofmann GmbH & Co. KG, agrees. His tire dealerships at six locations in the region around Kassel in Germany offer his customers an all-round tire service – and Continental's casing bank is part of it: “The ContiCasingAccount brings significant added value for all parties involved, in terms of costs, tire service life and emissions,” he says. With the ContiCasingAccount, Continental supports fleet customers in increasing the sustainability of their vehicles while reducing fleet costs – in line with Continental's holistic approach of “Lowest Overall Driving Costs” (LODC), which aims to optimize operational costs influenced by tires.

      ContiCasingAccount: A sustainable component of ContiLifeCycle

      The ContiCasingAccount is part of the ContiLifeCycle concept from Continental, with its fuel-saving, retreadable new tires, casing management, premium hot retreading technique and cold retreading using lengths of tread. The ContiCasingAccount broadens the scope of casing management by adding another service offering benefits for all involved – and for the environment as well. Designed around a circular economy, the ContiLifeCycle concept represents a further step toward a green, sustainable economy. This is because tire retreading lowers costs per mile and minimizes operating costs, while also extending tire life and, as a result, increasing the tire’s mileage for the fleet.

      Resource-efficient tire purchasing provides an advantage over the competition

      Compared to non-retreadable tires, retreads lead to huge material savings thanks to reuse of the casing, recovery of materials and their longer useful life. In the ContiLifeCycle plant in Hanover, the only factory of its kind in the world, Continental consistently optimizes the hot retreading process for truck and bus tires as well as its rubber recycling systems. You can take a look at what happens in the ContiLifeCycle plant here. “More and more private and public companies are putting in place their own sustainability targets and implementing methods of sustainable procurement, so resource-efficient tire purchasing is something that can give transport companies an edge over their competitors,” concludes fleet solutions expert Lorenz. And the new ContiCasingAccount is one way of achieving this.


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