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      Press Release
      February 24, 2023

      AutoBild sportscars experts “wholly convinced” by the new Continental SportContact 7

      • Sporty summer tire from Continental named test winner with an “exemplary” grade
      • Worrying differences in the thirteen models tested
      • Experts advise against cheaper brands

      Hanover, Germany, February 24, 2023. The editors of Germany’s AutoBild sports car magazine put summer tires through their paces in their “Wild 13” test (Issue 4/23) – and Continental’s new SportContact 7 won hands down with an “exemplary” rating. The experts compared size 225/40 R 18 tires on a 261 hp (192 kW) Toyota GR Yaris. “The new SportContact 7 completely convinced us in the first test. Dynamic cornering, stable lateral reinforcement, precise steering response with excellent feedback and extremely safe braking performance on both wet and dry roads” was the editors’ verdict on the Continental tire’s performance.

      However, the testers again found “serious differences” in the safety-related characteristics of the candidates – differences that became dangerous when wet braking distances were tested. The SportContact 7 stopped from 100 km/h after a braking distance of 38.8 meters – but the tire with the worst performance could only stop after more than 50 meters. “Compared to the best tire’s braking performance, a vehicle with such tires would crash into the back of a traffic jam at a speed of 48 km/h,” the experts concluded. Their advice? “Avoid the cheaper brands, especially when it comes to sports tires!”

      The SportContact 7 is particularly suitable for more powerful sports vehicles with electric and conventional drives. The tire has been approved by various vehicle manufacturers and is available in diameters between 18 and 24 inches. Continental has also planned fifty-eight new items for this season to give even more drivers the opportunity to fit this safe and sporty summer tire.

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