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      Press Release
      March 31, 2023

      Time to Switch to Summer Tires

      • It’s time to make appointments for putting on summer tires and checking all-season tires
      • New tires should be ordered well in advance
      • Manufacturer Continental has significantly expanded its product range and won first place in tests

      Hanover, Germany, March 2023. Drivers who want to change to summer tires at the start of the season should be making appointments with dealers or workshops very soon. Typically, there is a rush before and after Easter, so waiting times are unavoidable. Customers who need new tires can now order them from dealers, and those who have all-season tires should remember to have them checked by an expert at the end of the cold season.

      Before any purchase, it’s smart to get advice from a workshop or dealer. It’s also helpful to consult the test reports published by automobile clubs and trade magazines. These tests cover about ten criteria for summer tires and all-season tires and therefore provide much more information than the three characteristics listed on EU tire labels. This year, tire manufacturer Continental has won first place in a number of tests and received top ratings. The new SportContact 7, for example, came in first and gained top marks in every test it took part in. The same applies to the new Premium Contact 7. As for the UltraContact with its very high mileage and low rolling resistance, Germany’s automobile club ADAC gave it a rating of “good”.

      One new product from Continental this year is the PremiumContact 7, which offers ten percent better mileage than its predecessor. Its safety features have also been enhanced: wet handling has been improved by five percent and wet braking by seven percent. Dry handling and braking were each increased by three percentage points. Many popular sizes from 18 to 21 inches are available at the start of the season. Another new product, for more powerful, sportier models, is the SportContact 7. Approved by vehicle manufacturers, it is available from dealers for rim diameters from 18 to 24 inches. Continental’s UltraContact is a summer tire with very high mileage and the accustomed safety standards. The company’s tire developers have come up with a new compound and profile, combining outstanding mileage with safe handling characteristics, low rolling resistance and low noise emission. All passenger car tires from Continental are suitable for vehicles with electric and conventional drives. The product range was expanded at the start of the summer tire season.

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