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      Press Release
      October 17, 2023

      More Safety Thanks to Real-Time Data: eHorizon for Dynamic Road Events Wins Major Award

      • Continental enhances its eHorizon platform with the cloud-based Dynamic Road Events solution
      • As of 2025, Continental will equip millions of vehicles from a major European car manufacturer with its solution
      • Through smart aggregation of external data sources, the eHorizon for Dynamic Road Events proactively anticipates hazards and changing road conditions
      • It complements vehicle sensor capabilities, supplying real-time information on road hazards ahead such as stopped vehicles, slippery roads, and accidents

      Toulouse/Schwalbach, October 17, 2023. From 2025 on, the technology company Continental will equip several million vehicles of a major European automobile manufacturer with the eHorizon for Dynamic Road Events. While connected eHorizon has been in successful use by a major Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) since 2022, this latest version of the eHorizon platform enhances road safety for car drivers by offering real-time insights into road events and potential hazards. In addition to static data such as road geometry and topology, this pioneering cloud-based solution also incorporates highly reliable dynamic road event information. This includes traffic congestion, end-of-queue positions, accidents ahead, construction zones, slippery road conditions, obstacles on the roadway, and more. Therefore, the eHorizon platform enables vehicles to proactively anticipate and respond to changing road conditions earlier than traditional sensor capabilities. An example of this proactive response is the ability to reduce the vehicle's speed in advance.

      “Real-time data can be a game-changer when it comes to avoiding accidents. A few seconds can make a big difference. While our eHorizon has been in use for many years, we are proud to announce the integration of Dynamic Road Events into our platform and equip millions of vehicles with it. This marks a significant milestone on our journey towards our Vision Zero, meaning zero fatalities, zero injuries and zero crashes,” says Volkmar Knaup, head of the business segment Connected Car Solutions at Continental.

      Smart data aggregation for robust and reliable information streams

      A key innovation of the eHorizon platform is its smart data aggregation. By merging different types of data from various sources, it complements the capabilities of traditional embedded sensors such as radar systems and cameras, helping to anticipate hazards earlier. To provide highly robust and reliable services, the platform seamlessly integrates both static and dynamic data from diverse sources and regions, delivering and integrating them in real time via the cloud. This enables vehicles to effectively “see around the corner” and take preemptive actions, whether it is adjusting to a speed limit or avoiding a collision. In addition, by providing data fully customized to vehicle features, the eHorizon empowers functions of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS). As a result, the eHorizon enhances not only safety, but also comfort and fuel efficiency.

      “Thanks to our profound knowledge of automotive features and years of experience in connected services, we can ensure a seamless integration with the car manufacturer’s driving assistance systems. This helps to create an enhanced overall driving experience,” adds Xavier Suchocki, head of the Connected eHorizon product segment at Continental.

      A promising future on the horizon

      The eHorizon constantly evolves to further increase road safety and driving experiences. It will continue to expand its data sources and suppliers, diversify event types (e.g., train crossings, wildlife encounters), and to extend its reach to other regions. Its highly flexible architecture allows for immediate adaptation to changes and new suppliers. The platform is set to significantly enhance road safety, changing the way vehicles interact with the driver and their environment and helping to pave the way for autonomous driving, even under challenging circumstances.

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