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      Press Release
      October 18, 2023

      Continental strengthens expertise in mobile robotics

      • Continental further expands its development and system expertise in the field of autonomous mobile robots with operating system for precise and networked navigation
      • Acquisition of KINEXON's special division for the on-board operating system "Brain" for autonomous control of transport robots in intralogistics
      • Highly qualified development team moves from KINEXON to Continental
      • With this transaction, KINEXON is focusing on its core business and the increasing demand for an agnostic centralized control system for autonomous, mobile robots
      • Pierre Pomper, head of Continental Mobile Robots, said, "We can offer robust mobile robot solutions that are proven in operations since years. A one-stop shop for our customers."

      Frankfurt am Main, Germany, October 18, 2023. Continental has acquired KINEXON's specialist division for on-board operating systems for the intelligent control of autonomous mobile robots (AMR), thereby strengthening its own position in the strategic growth field of mobile robotics. The core of the acquisition is the "Brain" on-board operating system developed for the precise and networked control of autonomous mobile transport robots, including the IP rights to this market-leading and proven solution. In addition, the division's highly qualified development team is moving from KINEXON to Continental. Through this acquisition, Continental is expanding its own depth of value creation, extending its robotics expertise in software and hardware, and thus strengthening its own range of customer solutions for mobile robots. This will enable the company to further accelerate the introduction of new functionalities and the expansion of its product portfolio within robotics for intralogistics. Both companies have agreed not to disclose the purchase price or further details of the transaction.

      "With this acquisition, we are enlarging our global development team and strengthening our system expertise in mobile robotics. We can offer robust mobile robot solutions that are proven in operations since years. A one-stop shop for our customers," says Pierre Pomper, head of Continental Mobile Robots. "This step underlines our growth path for Continental Mobile Robots for a wide range of end markets."

      The successful partnership between KINEXON and Continental will continue after the acquisition of the on-board operating system "Brain" for autonomous driving robots. In the robotics sector, KINEXON will focus in the future on the fast-growing area of centralized control for autonomous driving robots and further expand its software for fleet management. Continental offers its customers this intelligent fleet management software as an option for controlling the AMRs. "To meet the trend as well as the increasing demand of our customers, we want to focus 100 percent on our solution in the field of fleet management. The sale of AMR's special division of on-board operating system for mobile robots 'Brain' helps us in this endeavor. We are proud to have developed a leading solution with 'Brain' and the team behind it. With this transaction, we are giving both a new home at Continental with promising prospects," says Dr. Alexander Hüttenbrink, co-founder and co-CEO of KINEXON.

      Autonomous, mobile transport robots optimize material handling

      Continental has announced its entry into the intralogistics AMR market in 2021. Building on its experience in the automotive sector, the technology company has developed its own industrial solution that simplifies logistical workflows. After an internal test phase at Continental production sites worldwide, the AMRs are available for external market entry with improved and new functions as well as handling of new use cases. A major advantage here is the simple implementation and smooth operation in warehouse and production.

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