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      Press Release
      November 22, 2023

      Continental Provides Premium Tires for IVECO’s All-Electric Van eDaily 42S

      • Iveco trusts in Continental’s extensive range of summer, all-season and winter tires
      • VanContact tire series convinces with robustness and excellent energy-efficiency
      • All Continental tires meet the special requirements of electric vehicles

      Hanover, Germany, November 22, 2023. Italian manufacturer of commercial vehicles Iveco sets its trust in Continental for its eDaily 42S van. The premium tire manufacturer equips the all-electric van with matching summer, all-season and winter tires. The summer tire VanContact Ultra is a tire with long service life and robust design. The VanContact Eco, also developed for the warm seasons, comes with an excellent efficiency for low energy consumption. For efficient driving year-around, Continental offers the VanContact 4 Season. And the VanContact Winter provides highest driving safety during the wet and cold months of the year.

      Summer tires with robust design and high efficiency: VanContact Ultra and VanContact Eco

      The VanContact Ultra has been specially developed by Continental for delivery services and craftsmen’s vehicles. Therefore, the tire comes with important capabilities for economical driving: high mileage, robust design, low tire noise and low rolling resistance. To prevent tires from being damaged by stones that get stuck in the tread grooves, “stone stoppers” are attached in the outer two grooves. These prevent the rubber from interlocking with the stones and ensure that objects picked up by the profile are ejected quickly. And while contact with the curb is often unavoidable during delivery in urban areas, reinforced sidewalls make the VanContact Ultra as robust as possible.

      The VanContact Eco is specially designed for energy-efficient driving. The innovative rubber compound ensures a low rolling resistance value and thus improves energy consumption – particularly important for electric vehicles in urban areas with constant stop-and-go traffic. The exceptionally stable tread pattern leads to low tire wear and thus extends the service life of the tire. The adapted tread design also offers a high level of noise comfort.

      For the grungy season: the VanContact 4Season and the VanContact Winter

      The VanContact 4Season offers year-round efficiency by reducing the energy consumption, as well as having very good braking performance on wet, muddy and snow-covered roads. The tire also shows excellent handling and equally good braking performance on dry asphalt. With very good properties in all the winter disciplines and in wet, the tire has been awarded top marks in numerous independant tests.

      For the winter season, Continental has the VanContact Winter in its portfolio. The tire combines snow performance and high safety with steering precision. The tire’s tread pattern ensures short braking distance on snowy and wet roads. And due to the structure of the tread grooves, the tire has a high grip and reliable traction on snow.

      Continental stands for innovative solutions in tire technology. In the van segment, the premium manufacturer provides summer, winter and all-season tires for a wide range of vehicles for commercial and private use. For more than ten years now, Continental’s developers have been optimizing their tires to achieve ever lower rolling resistance, low rolling noise and long service lives – with zero compromise on safety. As a result, all tires developed by Continental not only fulfill the specific needs of electric vehicles but also help to reduce combustion engine emissions.

      These tire lines and sizes are approved for the Iveco eDaily 42S in numerous countries:

      VanContact Ultra, 235/65R16C 121/119R
      VanContact Eco, 235/65R16C 121/119R
      VanContact4Season, 235/65R16C 121/119R
      VanContactWinter, 235/65R16C 121/119R

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