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      March 08, 2024

      Top Mark for Continental Summer Tire in Auto Bild

      • PremiumContact 7 shows shortest braking distances on dry and wet roads
      • Auto Bild: "Exemplary driving performance and good mileage"
      • Still big differences in braking distances between tires

      Hanover, Germany, March 8, 2024. In the latest test published by the German trade magazine Auto Bild (issue 07/03/24), the PremiumContact 7 from Continental achieves the desired top rating of "Exemplary". It was able to achieve this result among 54 other summer tire models. Summer tires of size 205/55 R 16 were tested on a VW Golf VIII. In their final assessment, the editors of Auto Bild wrote about the PremiumContact 7: "Premium tread pattern with exemplary performance on wet and dry roads, shortest wet and dry braking distances, good mileage". The RainSport 5 from Continental's Uniroyal brand was rated "satisfactory" thanks to its good wet weather properties.

      Comparisons on dry and wet roads show how clear the differences between braking distances still are today: while the Golf with Continental tires comes to a stop after a good 35 meters from 100 km/h on dry asphalt, the worst in the test needs over 42 meters. On wet roads, Auto Bild reports a difference of 16 meters between the best and the worst tire model in the braking test. According to the experts' measurements, the Golf with these tires would hit the car fitted with Continental tires, which was already stationary, at a residual speed of more than 50 km/h.

      The 205/55 R 16 tire dimension is one of the most sought-after sizes and is suitable for cars from the compact to the mid-size class. The PremiumContact 7 from Continental is available in sizes between 16 and 21 inches in diameter with widths between 205 and 285 millimeters and cross-sections between 60 and 35 percent. It is suitable for electric cars, hybrids as well as cars and SUVs with combustion engines and has a special EV-compatible logo marking on the sidewall.

      More detailed material on the PremiumContact 7

      In his role as product manager for summer tires, Philipp Mendelski helped lead development of the PremiumContact 7. He explains the special technical features of the new-generation tire in a short video. This video is available for editorial use.

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