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      Press Release
      July 03, 2024

      Pure CONTACT: An Urban Tire Setting a New Standard in Puncture Protection

      • Premium compound and tread pattern for long-lasting wet weather grip and low rolling resistance on varied terrain.
      • Combines technologies from both bicycle and automotive tires for ultimate urban puncture protection.
      • Constructed from a high proportion of renewable and recyclable materials.

      Hanover, Germany, July 3, 2024. Continental has announced Pure CONTACT, a new lightweight urban tire designed for cyclists seeking enhanced confidence for their daily commutes, errands and adventures.

      The introduction of Pure CONTACT comes with an unprecedented level of puncture protection. The new tire surpassed the highest safety benchmark in Continental’s Urban range, requiring the addition of Level Eight to Continental’s Safety Level scale. Level Seven had previously topped the scale, with the E-CONTACT Plus.

      The Pure CONTACT’s new benchmark in puncture protection comes from its innovative multi-layer breaker technologies. Continental combined its high-quality bicycle racing tire tech with a Poly X breaker which has been extremely effective across Continental’s class-leading automotive tire range.

      Pure CONTACT provides riders with confidence in dry and wet conditions. Its tread pattern features symmetrical repeating grooves, scales, and drainage elements for better grip and rolling resistance, making it ideal for urban use and occasional off-road adventures. Available in a broad range of sizes from 50-60/584 through to 40-55/622, Pure CONTACT is E50-rated for use with conventional and electric bikes, including SUV E-bikes. 

      Pure CONTACT contains silicate from the ash of rice husks, an agricultural waste product that is processed into silica through a new, lower energy-consuming process. Silica helps to optimize beneficial tire characteristics such as grip, rolling resistance and durability, while, natural rubber is a crucial material for strength and further durability. The natural rubber utilized by Continental is responsibly sourced.

      Oliver Vauth, Urban Product Manager, Continental Tires, said: “Pure Contact represents the pinnacle of development in our Urban tire range. During our testing process the tire exceeded expectations and demonstrated the perfect blend of rolling resistance & puncture protection. The results were so impressive that we had to create a new level (Level Eight) in our puncture protection scale.” 

      “Not only does the tire offer superior puncture protection, but we also redesigned the tread pattern to improve wet grip and rolling resistance. In addition to these huge improvements in performance, it was also important to us that we made the tire more sustainable. The tire contains more than a third of renewable materials and represents the beginning of a new chapter in the CONTACT family’s journey towards sustainability.”

      “Pure Contact is more than a match for all urban terrains from smooth asphalt to light off-road conditions. Now people have a choice of which route they want to take the next time they are out on their bike. I am excited to see where it takes people.”

      Key Features

      • Lightweight – 50/60 - 584 → 655g, 40/55 - 622 → 620g
      • High-level puncture protection - Poly X & Vectran Breaker combination
      • Improved sustainability - employs recycled and renewable materials and sustainable manufacturing techniques
      • Improved safety - Graphite Reflex Stripe for improved side-on visibility in low light
      • E50 certified - robust construction and enhanced durability for e-bikes
      • Made in Germany

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