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      Press Release
      March 30, 2023

      Experiencing Future Mobility: Continental presents the AMBIENC3 concept car and EV motor mounts at the upcoming Shanghai Auto Show

      • The AMBIENC3 points the way to the future of mobility with sustainable surface materials and innovative technology
      • The AMBIENC3 focuses on sustainability, design, functionality, third space and customer orientation, combining retro charm with future mobility needs
      • Continental has developed EV motor mounts with innovative patent design, lightweight technology, and sustainable materials

      Technology company Continental has been committed to developing intelligent, safe and sustainable solutions for future mobility. At the Shanghai Auto Show Continental’s group sector ContiTech is exhibiting its AMBIENC3 concept car, created with sustainable surface materials, and the latest EV motor mounts, feature state-of-the-art technology and innovative designs. They improve people's quality of life and mobility comfort, whilst contributing to a lighter and greener future.

      Retro meets the future

      The AMBIENC3 concept car was created on the basis of an vintage VW T2 microbus and combines the emotional retro charm of an automotive icon with responses to the mobility needs of the future. AMBIENC3 presents how Continental envisions the future mobile work and living space. The interior follows the concept of the third space, where the areas of driving, working and relaxing merge. Design, functionality, sustainability and customer orientation support multiple uses and offer design concepts tailored precisely to the individual application.

      Focus on sustainability

      As a sustainability practitioner, Continental has set the goal to achieve 100% carbon neutrality, 100% zero-emission mobility, 100% circular economy and 100% sustainable value chain by 2050. The AMBIENC3 concept car features elements of sustainability. Its group sector ContiTech has used natural and renewable raw materials in the development of the surfaces, as well as recycled and reclaimed materials with low emissions. Passengers in the AMBIENC3 can breathe freely thanks to low-emission materials.

      The staynu® and laif® technologies from ContiTech are widely used in the AMBIENC3. The staynu® technology makes surfaces more dirt resistant, easier to look after and more robust than ever. As the name implies, this technology helps the material to stay (and look) “as new” for longer, which conserves resources. The laif® technology effects that the material is permeable to air and water vapor. This results in particular comfort, impressive softness and special acoustic properties. These innovative surface materials can be used not only for automotive interiors, but also for home furnishings. Continental continuously creates natural, environmental-friendly and high-quality sustainable surface products while focusing on the selection of raw materials, production processes and environmentally friendly operations. This provides a growing portfolio for the home furnishings market, and closely follows a new trend towards upgrade and integration.

      The lighter the better

      For every 10% weight reduction in a new energy vehicle, its driving range can be extended by 5%-6%. Lightweight is one of the important technical paths for new energy vehicles to save energy, reduce consumption and increase driving range, which has become an essential breakthrough for weight reduction of new energy vehicles. Actively forecasting and grasping the market demand, Continental makes full use of its multiple material formulation designs and processing capabilities to create a variety of lightweight product solutions based on highly optimized material portfolio.

      Continental’s group sector ContiTech has also developed EV motor mounts with innovative patent design, lightweight structure, and sustainable materials. The product uses polyamide instead of conventional metal brackets, and adopts innovative technologies including double-layer vibration isolation, unique rubber structure and custom-developed rubber formula, which can provide unique NVH performance for electric vehicles. It reduces 30% weight with a single product; thus, the product effectively lowers energy use, cuts lowers CO2 emissions, and extends the driving range of electric vehicles, providing users with a unique experience of smooth handling and noise-free travel.

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