Purple Snake by ContiTech

Thanks to its proven hose characteristics, the Purple Snake by ContiTech guarantees a hygienic and taste-neutral transportation connection for fresh and flavorful beer.

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Autumn is Festival Season: ContiTech Keeps Your Party Mood Unclouded

  • Hygienically impeccable transport lines for flavorful beer
  • Purple Snake and Blaudieck beverage hoses are used in breweries all over the world
  • Aquapal potable water hose ensures clean glasses at festivals

Hanover, October, 2017. Wine festivals, popular festivals such as the Cannstatter Wasen, the Bremer Freimarkt, the Dürkheimer Wurstmarkt, the Oldenburger Kramermarkt and of course the Oktoberfest in Munich and the many Oktoberfests based on the Munich original that are now held in many German cities – autumn is the season with the highest density of fairs and festivals.

Blaudieck beverage hoses by ContiTech fulfill stringent hygienic requirements and are easy and dependable to use. © ContiTech

And the festivities are not limited to Germany, either. Every year in October, over 700,000 people celebrate a beer festival in the best Bavarian tradition in the southern Brazilian city Blumenau. Also in October, the Canadian conurbation Kitchener-Waterloo holds an annual nine-day beer festival, loosely modeled on Munich’s Oktoberfest, which also draws around 700,000 visitors. And the Oktoberfest in Cincinnati, Ohio, is the most popular rendition of the event in the US, with over 500,000 visitors annually. The biggest Oktoberfest outside of Bavaria, with up to three million visitors, is held in the eastern Chinese city of Qingdao; by contrast, the title of possibly the smallest Oktoberfest in the world can be claimed by the 68-inhabitant village Jundah in the Australian state of Queensland. But the beer festival with a Bavarian flair has also found a place in the national festival calendars of Switzerland, Namibia, Russia, Argentina and Japan – the Oktoberfest has long since established itself as a global phenomenon.

Hygienic transport connections for flavorful beer

Thanks to its proven hose characteristics, the Purple Snake by ContiTech guarantees a hygienic and taste-neutral transportation connection for fresh and flavorful beer. © ContiTech

Whether the celebrations are being held on Munich’s Isar river or elsewhere, an Oktoberfest without beer is unthinkable. At Munich’s Oktoberfest, the largest festival in the world, some seven million beer steins cross the counters of the 16 festival tents. And the beer and beverage hoses from ContiTech, one of the world’s largest producers of technical hoses, help ensure that every mug of beer is guaranteed to contain fresh and flavorful beer. “As hygienic and flavor-neutral transport lines, the Purple Snake and the Blaudieck LGDU are used in many breweries worldwide – whether as the connection between vats and kettles, in filling facilities or in beer tankers,” explains Stephan Renz, ContiTech sales agent and technical consultant for industrial hoses in southern Germany and Switzerland. “The robust and durable hoses meet all the national and international hygiene standards.” 

The Aquapal by ContiTech was the first potable water hose to fulfill all test requirements and stipulations for safe transport of drinking water in all applications. Its excellent flexibility within a wide temperature range and its weather- and grease-resistant NBR outer rubber make it the ideal potable water hose for almost any application – perfect for outdoor settings and festivals. © ContiTech

​​​​​​​Approved for drinking water

Potable water is extremely important for the brewing and beverage industries, both as a component of beverages and as process and cleaning water. Hoses that transport water must be approved for those purposes under the stringent guidelines of the European Drinking Water Directive and be labeled as such. The robust and flexible Aquapal potable water hose meets all recommendations and standards prescribed in Germany for the transport of drinking water, including outdoor use. “That’s why the breweries and stand operators at the Oktoberfest have installed several thousand meters of Aquapal – including for transportation of the water used to rinse the glasses,” says Renz. The durable drinking water hose by ContiTech has also been tested by the British Water Regulations Advisory Scheme (WRAS) and approved for the transportation of drinking water up to 85°C. This qualifies the hose for use at festivals around the world as well.


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