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      Press Release
      April 27, 2023

      Continental Flies the Flag for Greater Sustainability as Part of the Colornetwork

      • Cross-manufacturer, cross-product alliance focuses on color
      • “Sustained Colors” stand out with their timelessness, durability and variety of combination options 
      • Sustainable bio-based artificial leather skai Evida available in the new color “come closer!”

      Hanover, April 27, 2023. Continental has joined the Colornetwork alliance with the aim of utilizing its special surface colors for the company’s product design and product marketing. Continental has kicked off the partnership with the launch of the first material (skai Evida) in “come closer!”, a warm, medium-dark caramel shade.

      The Colornetwork is a cross-manufacturer, cross-product alliance with an emphasis on sustainability. Its membership includes 35 suppliers, furniture manufacturers, interior specialists and service providers. Every year, the alliance presents a “Sustained Color”. Each of the seven shades unveiled so far are distinguished by their timelessness, durability and wide variety of combination options. The colors are selected by a panel of designers, trend scouts and interior designers, whose members change each year. In keeping with the network’s commitment to sustainability, the individual partners make a Sustainability Statement on their products available for download. Here, they set out the complete materials cycle for these products – from raw material extraction to recycling.

      An important point of reference for interior designers

      Continental views the sustainable bio-based artificial leather skai Evida as a perfect fit for the network’s sustainability-focused approach. skai Evida provides a realistic replication of genuine leather and consists of 80 percent bio-based raw materials, which reduces its carbon footprint. Elmar Zschau, Architect Relations Manager at Continental, is excited about the Colornetwork cooperation: “The interdisciplinary Colornetwork opens up considerable possibilities for us in terms of the marketing and design of skai Evida,” he says. “The range of colors provides an important point of reference for interior designers in particular.” Indeed, the alliance suggests suitable combination colors and materials – known as Accessory References – to go with each shade. Scent psychology is also incorporated, enhancing the effect of the color shade chosen for the space.

      Continental offers functional and design-oriented surface materials for the automotive, furniture and construction industries, and the do-it-yourself sector. When it comes to artificial leather and furniture films, the multi-faceted products from the skai brand have proved to be a preferred choice for high-end home furniture and design-focused items.

      “Continental is a big win for the Colornetwork,” says Katrin de Louw, the alliance’s initiator and also managing director of the Trendfilter company. “After all, the company operates internationally and is active in many different sectors. And that creates many new and useful application possibilities for our network.”

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