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      July 26, 2019

      Continental Automotive Honors Outstanding Series Suppliers as “Supplier of the Year 2018”

      • Supplier of the Year Award goes to 14 suppliers for their contribution to Continental’s success; special Quality Award goes to MEIKO ELECTRONICS, a manufacturer of printed circuit boards
      • Awards presented to representatives of the companies at a celebratory dinner held in the Herzogssaal in Regensburg, Germany

      Regensburg, Germany, July 26, 2019. Success is only possible in a team: this is the principle behind the annual award that Continental’s Automotive Group presents to its outstanding suppliers for their contribution. The recipients of the award are the top performers in a global network of some 900 strategic suppliers who provide the three divisions Chassis & Safety, Powertrain and Interior with around 140,000 different part numbers at the Automotive Group’s 100 or so production sites worldwide. In 2018, a total volume of around 157 billion components was processed. The Supplier of the Year Award reflects a comprehensive evaluation of the series suppliers and is given to those who have made an outstanding contribution to customer satisfaction at all levels – quality, technology, engagement, costs and purchasing conditions. On July 25, the Supplier of the Year 2018 awards were presented, with 65 guests from all over the world traveling to Regensburg to look back together on a year of successful cooperation in the elegant ambiance of the Herzogssaal in the center of the historic old town.

      “Continental is one of very few comprehensive system providers for innovative vehicle electronics. As a technology company, we highly value the contribution our suppliers make to the industrialization of new functions and products. We know that we expect a lot from our supply chain,” said Nikolai Setzer, member of the Executive Board of Continental AG and spokesman of the Automotive Board. “In return, we offer a partnership based on openness and trust, and are appreciative of suppliers who share our philosophy. They play a big part in our success. For this we recognize the best of them as supplier of the year, giving credit where it’s due.”

      Günter Fella, head of purchasing at Continental Automotive, emphasized: “As a rolling network, the car is probably the most underestimated mobile system in the public eye. A variety of specialists contribute to its success, and only in close cooperation can the challenges of such a complex system be mastered. Every supplier of the year has been exemplary in its commitment.”

      The 14 product categories in which the Supplier of the Year 2018 awards were presented can be broken down into the following six fields: Electronics, Electromechanics, Mechanics & Raw Material, Plastics & Rubber and Investment & Engineering Services, in addition to division-specific categories. The award winners for 2018 are:

      • Electronics: Nexperia (discretes), Infineon Technologies (electronics)
      • Electromechanics: Leoni (cables, wiring harnesses), Wistron NeWeb (connectivity)
      • Mechanics & Raw Material: SFS Group (forging assemblies), Teknia Manufacturing Group (turned parts)
      • Plastics & Rubber: NINGBO TIANLONG ELECTRONICS (functional plastic parts), Dow Customer Solutions (product-related auxiliaries)
      • Investment and Engineering Services: ENGEL AUSTRIA (injection molding machines), ALTEN (engineering software/hardware)
      • Chassis & Safety division-specific solutions: Ningbo Sunny Automotive Optech (optical devices)
      • Powertrain division-specific solutions: HES-Präzisionsteile HERMANN ERKERT (powertrain turned parts)
      • Interior division-specific solutions: Winhere Auto-Part Manufacturing (aftermarket), Phillips Medisize, a Molex company (decorative plastic parts)

      In addition to the suppliers of the year, Continental Automotive presents a special Quality Award to one company every year in recognition of that company’s exceptional performance in improving quality. The Quality Award for 2018 went to MEIKO ELECTRONICS (printed circuit boards).

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