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      Press Release
      May 14, 2018

      Cheers to the Water of Life

      • International Whisky Day is celebrated around the world on May 19
      • Cult beverage and economic factor with over 3,000 whisky brands and almost 1,600 distilleries, blenders and bottlers across the world
      • Continental hoses ensure odor and taste-neutral bottling of the distillate, thereby contributing to the unadulterated enjoyment of whisky drinking

      Hanover, May, 2018. We like to be able to celebrate what we appreciate. That is why on May 19, International Whisky Day is celebrated around the world. Since Scot Blair Bowmann launched this day in 2012, whisky has been honored every third Saturday in May, encouraging responsible drinking of the high-proof spirit. It was described as the “water of life” by the Irish and Scottish monks who established the art of whisky distillation in their countries in the Middle Ages – albeit initially for medicinal purposes only. The former medicine has long since become a popular cult drink and an important economic factor. According to industry information, there are more than 3,000 whisky brands and almost 1,600 distilleries, blenders and bottlers across the world. The U.S.A. is the third biggest producer of whisky after Scotland and Ireland. Other countries, such as Japan, are also gaining in significance on this market and impressing with award-winning products.

      Grain and water are the elementary ingredients of whisky – or whiskey as it is spelt in Ireland and the U.S.A. – and yet, every whiskey brand tastes different. Although the production steps from the grain to the low wine do have an effect on the character and flavor of the end product – such as adding peat in the kiln, which gives the whisky a smoky note – the aroma is largely determined by the years of storage in oak barrels. Most of the time, Scotch whisky is matured in old bourbon or sherry barrels but it is also increasingly stored in other oak barrels to create new aromas. In the United States, on the other hand, only freshly charred oak barrels, which may be used only once, are permitted for the storage of bourbon whiskey.

      High-performance hose for safe and hygienic bottling

      When filling the barrels with raw whisky, hoses are indispensable as a flexible transport connection. However, these hoses can become electrostatically charged by the distillate flowing through them or the floor, transforming the production area into an explosion hazard zone. This is because the charge can reach such high energy levels that sparks can develop, for example, during coupling of the hose line, and these sparks can ignite an explosive mixture. To avoid this danger, it must be possible to discharge any electrical charge generated on the inner hose surface safely through the hose wall. The Purple Snake Plus Conductive from technology company Continental is ideal for use in explosion hazard zones.  

      This is because it can safely dissipate any static charges thanks to the coiled black conductive strip in the white inner lining and the red hose cover. At the same time, the brand-name hose meets the legal regulations and hygiene requirements that apply to food and beverage hoses. The homogenous UPE inner liner of the Purple Snake Plus Conductive does not release any odors or flavors into the media flowing through the hose as, after all, the cleanliness of the equipment is as important for the special character and flavor of the whisky as the quality of the ingredients and the skill of the master distiller. So, cheers or “sláinte,” as they say in the homeland of whisky.

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