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      Press Release
      March 20, 2018

      New Pagufix 4000 Swaged Fitting from Continental Facilitates Secure Connection to Hose

      • Further development of the proven Pagufix 3000 fittings system
      • Professional fitting of couplings ensures a food-compliant hose line
      • New: faster delivery for special designs

      Hanover, March 20, 2018. Hoses and couplings that together form a reliable hose line, must, like all objects and equipment that come into contact with foodstuffs, be of such quality that they do not negatively influence the products they transport. The fittings systems from the technology company Continental, meet all the requirements and standards for professional couplings in the foodstuffs and beverages industries. Continental will be presenting a further development of the proven Pagufix 3000 – the new Pagufix 4000 swaged fitting – at Anuga FoodTec, which is taking place from March 20–23, 2018 in Cologne.

      The ferrule of the new coupling is fitted with a chamfer that allows the sleeve collar to slip more easily into the nozzle collar during the coupling process. Additionally, the tooth geometry on the ferrule has been adapted precisely to the hose adapter. This ensures an optimal fit between the ferrule and fitting. It’s now easier to correctly connect the coupling to the hose, thanks to the improvements to the ferrule and the tooth geometry. This contributes to the safe operation of a hose line and helps maintain the high hygiene standards. This is because incorrectly connecting the coupling to the hose can result in deviations from the applicable hygiene standards or contamination. Like its predecessor, the Pagufix 3000, the Pagufix 4000 is also available in special designs, which are optimally adapted to meet specific operational requirements. Where necessary, couplings at 90° and 45° angles ensure the required flection. This increases the service life of the hose, as heavy mechanical stress such as bending can accelerate the aging process.


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