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      Press Release
      March 06, 2019

      Bonus for All!

      • Continental is once again sharing its net profit with all eligible employees worldwide
      • Dr. Ariane Reinhart, Executive Board member for Human Relations: “Everyone has worked for the success, so everyone has also earned a bonus”
      • Bonus is based on the company’s value creation in the past fiscal year
      • Approximately €150 million will be distributed to nearly 220,000 eligible employees
      • Approximately €750 or €380 for each employee, depending on the country
      • Bonus to be paid out mid-April 2019

      Hanover, March 6, 2019. The technology company Continental is rewarding the performance of its employees and once again sharing the company’s success with all employees worldwide. For fiscal 2018, approximately €150 million is expected to be distributed to nearly 220,000 eligible employees. The employees in Germany will each receive approximately €750 for fiscal 2018. “Everyone has worked for the success, so everyone has earned a bonus. That’s why we have been sharing the company’s success for years already, not only with our employees in Germany but with all employees in all 61 countries and markets in which we are active. That is our understanding of For One Another, one of our four core values,” explained Dr. Ariane Reinhart, Continental Executive Board member for Human Relations.

      Employee bonus program is transparent and fair

      Hasan Allak, chairman of Continental’s corporate works council, also values the contribution of all employees worldwide to the company’s success: “The value-sharing program for Continental employees is not only transparent but, above all, also very fair. Letting employees share in success should be established practice today in other companies as well.”

      The value-sharing program is based on the company’s overall value creation in the respective fiscal year. When calculating the bonus, both the legal and contractual regulations of the individual countries are taken into account, in addition to economic performance. On this basis, the bonus is divided into two categories, for which the amounts distributed come to approximately €750 or €380 per employee. To be eligible for the bonus, employees must have worked for the company for the whole of 2018 and not have terminated their employment contract as at March 31, 2019. In Germany, the bonus for 2017 was approximately €1,140 per employee, and the amount paid out worldwide was €170 million.

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      Dr. Ariane Reinhart

      Member of the Executive Board, Human Relations, Director of Labor Relations, Sustainability