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      Companion Premium Urban Challenges: Automated Driving in Realistic and Complex Urban Scenarios

      • State-of-the-art multi-sensor environmental perception covering full chain of effects
      • Flexible motion planning to safely navigate through challenging traffic scenarios
      • • Continental offers all the building blocks for the industrialization of partially and fully automated driving


      Especially in urban areas, automated and autonomous driving (AD) systems will play a significant role in future mobility solutions (e.g. Robotaxis). ​They will help reduce the need for drivers and increase the availability of transport in urban areas. At the same time, they can contribute to greater safety in complex urban situations. Continental has in-depth knowledge along the entire chain of effects of automated driving systems and the challenges for urban situations to provide proven solutions forsafer, robust, and reliable AD in urban areas around the world. The solutions can be scaled from subsystems to complete systems to ensure high quality and safety at all times. In particular, the combination of different sensor technologies offers significant added value for safety, comfort, and functional availability on the road. The vision of safe autonomous mobility can only be realized if the entire vehicle environment is perceived redundantly.

      At the Continental TechShow 2023, guests will be able to experience answers to key challenges of urban automated driving. The driverless vehicle, equipped with camera, radar and lidar sensor solutions, will manage challenging scenarios to ensure a smooth integration in traffic flow. This includes, for instance, evading obstacles in the lane while considering oncoming traffic and crossing pedestrians.

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      Jennifer Weyrich

      Media Spokesperson and Topic Manager Autonomous Mobility

      Continental Automotive

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