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      Digital tire management for improved fleet mobility

      • Data-driven tire monitoring increases safety, uptime and efficiency 
      • Fleet managers get real access to tire conditions of their fleet


      Fuel consumption, tire life, punctures - the costs of a fleet that are influenced by tires account for up to 53 percent of its total costs. Optimal tire selection, data-driven service management and tire checks at the appropriate time can significantly reduce these expenses. To this end, Continental is pursuing a holistic consulting approach aimed at Lowest Overall Driving Costs (LODC).


      By smartlyconnectingtireswithsensors, algorithms and thecloud, Continental enables a tailored range of digital, service-based tire solutions. This means that tires on cars, trucks, buses and off-road vehicles can be serviced precisely when needed. Fleet customers benefit from fewer vehicle breakdowns, lower maintenance costs and higher tire mileage.

      With its ContiConnect 2.0 product, Continental offers a comprehensive solution for digital tire management. Tire inflation pressure, temperature and mileage are monitored by sensors installed in the tire. Tread depth and tire condition can also be recorded. The integrative ContiConnect platform maps all data on the condition and history of a tire in one system. If desired, this can also be done in real time. Impending tire damage can thus be detected immediately and proactively repaired. Continental's service also includes a 24/7 breakdown service and optimized ordering, administration and billing processes for its customers.

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      Katharina Bühmann

      Communications Manager Technology & Innovation

      Continental Tires