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      Safe batteries and efficient electric vehicles thanks to sensors from Continental

      • Current Sensor Module (CMS) ensures long-term durability of the high-voltage battery and thus keeps it "healthy"
      • Intelligent and weight-saving underbody protection thanks to the Battery Impact Detection (BID) monitoring system
      • Efficient operation of electric motors obtained by an e-Motor Rotation Position Sensor (eRPS)


      Battery-powered vehicles, regardless of whether they are passenger cars or commercial vehicles, are taking-up an ever-growing market share worldwide and have long been an integral part of road traffic. Continental is supporting the development of safe and efficient electric vehicles with a series of innovations.

      Continental's high-voltage Current Sensor Module (CMS) provides current and temperature information of the battery. The module protects the battery from overcurrent and limits aging effects. This makes batteries safer and more durable.

      The pressure sensor-based Battery Impact Detection (BID) system protects the battery as such. The system covers two typical impact risks: Ground contact at low speed (e.g., during parking maneuvers) and damage at high speed (e.g., from whirled-up objects). The BID system detects and classifies underbody impacts or intrusions to warn the driver when battery integrity may have been breached.

      For greater efficiency and smoother operation of electric vehicles, a high-speed inductive e-motor rotation position sensor (eRPS) detects the exact position of the rotor in a synchronous electric motor and supports to manage effective operation.

      Continental’s product portfolio for electrically powered commercial vehicles encompasses DC/DC converters and a wide range of control components, including sound modules, intelligent sensors for battery monitoring, battery management systems and charging controllers amongst others.

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      Sören Pinkow

      Media Spokesperson and Topic Manager Safety and Motion

      Continental Automotive