Speakerless-Audio Concert
© Continental AG

Get the best sound – even without speakers

Thanks to a speaker-less sound system, Continental has reinvented car audio systems, drastically cutting down on weight and installation volume in the process. Compared with conventional high-end 3D sound audio systems, the speaker-free system requires 95% less volume. 

Equipped with actuators that cause specific surfaces in the vehicle to vibrate, the system works in a similar way to stringed instruments and provides a high-end audio experience for every vehicle class.

Holistic connectivity concerns all aspects of a connected vehicle – from the in-vehicle electronics architecture, through the seamless connection, to the services and the interaction between driver and vehicle. Today we are developing the building blocks for all areas of holistic connectivity and, in doing so, we are shaping future mobility. When it comes to the infotainment of the future, great sound is part and parcel of an attractive mobility experience.

Helmut Matschi, member of the Executive Board at Continental and head of the Interior Division

Helmut Matschi, member of the Executive Board, Interior Division © Continental AG

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