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      Safe Turning

      Turn assist system from Continental protects cyclists and pedestrians

      Among the innovations that support drivers and increase safety is a new generation of short-range radar with 77 gigahertz technology that captures the vehicle's surroundings at a much higher resolution than before. This makes it possible to implement a right-turn assist that supports the driver in confusing situations. If scooters, cyclists, or pedestrians approach from the rear right, the short-range radar detects the danger. If the driver fails to respond to a warning, the radar forwards a corresponding signal to the brake and the car stops before an accident occurs. The system is already doing what Euro NCAP scenarios from 2022 require: further improving protection for pedestrians, scooters, and cyclists.

      According to an analysis of Continental’s accident research, a Right-Turn Assist system for passenger cars could help prevent five percent of all accidents in which cyclists are killed or seriously injured in Germany and seven percent in Japan (8.5 percent of all accidents involving cyclist fatalities in the US) and a further six percent of accidents in which cyclists suffer minor injuries.

      The installation of cornering assistance systems in trucks will be mandatory across the EU for all new vehicle types from 2020 onwards. The figures clearly show just how urgent this regulation is. In Germany alone, 36 percent of all accidents in which a cyclist is killed could be prevented by installing Right-Turn Assist systems in trucks.


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