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      Bringing a groundbreaking new EV prototype to life

      • Electric vehicle Sony VISION-S with a new approach to end-to-end system development from concept up to production level
      • Elektrobit delivers cockpit solution for an intuitive and seamless in-car experience


      Elektrobit software, services and expertise helped industry newcomer Sony Honda Mobility to realize the innovative VISION-S prototype as well as the successor AFEELA, which was unveiled at CES 2023. Elektrobit plays a key role in the creation of the AFEELA prototype by Sony Honda Mobility (SHM).

      Elektrobit created the innovative software architecture for the AFEELA prototype, enabling SHM to leverage the entire Sony ecosystem to create a new level of user experience. The cockpit system includes software for the Qualcomm high-performance computing (HPC) processors and the software stack up to the UX design powering all cockpit displays. In addition, Elektrobit provided integration services for the cockpit system encompassing all software and hardware components and applications from Sony and its partners.

      The AFEELA represents a sea-change in how vehicles are designed, with software playing an increasingly important role, both for core vehicle operation and as a way for carmakers to innovate. Software takes center stage in the AFEELA prototype cockpit, allowing Sony to integrate its latest audio and camera sensor technologies as well as an incredible array of gaming, movie and music content. SHM also announced a partnership with Epic Games, opening up an array of experiential possibilities which can be brought to life within the cockpit system.

      Visitors of the TechShow 2023 can take a look at the Sony VISION-S prototype and its innovative features.

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