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      High-value tires exemplified by SportContact 7: Best summer tire for sporty driving

      • Continental now generates around half of its sales in the passenger tire segment with its particularly high-performance High-value tires
      • Testers' favorites: Independent test results underline Continental's high material competence

      Continental now generates around half of its sales in the Passenger and Light Truck Tires segment with its particularly high-performance High Value Tires. In 2022, this segment accounted for 45 percent of passenger tires sold. Three years earlier, this figure had been just 38 percent. Continental's high-value tires include summer and all-season tires larger than 18 inches as well as winter tires. Continental's particularly powerful high-value tires are specially designed to meet the high demands of the latest generations of vehicles. These are becoming ever larger, more powerful and increasingly electrified. Added to this are their special requirements for winter tires, which are designed specifically for safe driving in the cold season. In regions with more temperate climates, on the other hand, all-season tires are enjoying increasing popularity.

      With the seventh generation of its High Value tires, Continental is redefining the standards for performance criteria. One example here is the SportContact 7 - a high-performance tire for sporty driving. The developers have further optimized all performance criteria to combine maximum driving pleasure with maximum safety and sustainability. Compared to its predecessor, the tire offers reduced wet braking distances by eight percent. In dry braking, the SportContact 7 improves by six percent and mileage is also extended by 17 percent. With its asymmetric, adaptive tread design, the SportContact 7 adjusts easily to dry and wet roads. As a result, its driving characteristics remain at a consistently very safe level - even at higher speeds. The BlackChili-rubber compound, together with the tread design, enables a significant leap in driving characteristics - for both light and heavy passenger cars. Depending on the vehicle class, Continental offers customized tire designs here in sizes ranging from 19 to 23 inches.

      Since its market launch, the SportContact 7 has been declared the winner in eleven renowned national and international independent tire tests. In spring 2023 alone, it won the summer tire test conducted by the trade magazines Gute Fahrt, Auto Bild sportscars and Auto Zeitung. The testers praised in particular the very balanced, fast handling and short braking distances in the wet, as well as the high grip level during braking and cornering. Last year, the British trade magazine Tyre Reviews already named it the test winner.

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      Katharina Bühmann

      Communications Manager Technology & Innovation

      Continental Tires