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      Continental and Ambarella: Scalable Systems With Full Software Stack For Assisted and Automated Driving

      • Higher AI performance, less energy consumption: greater safety through holistic environmental perception and energy-saving targets for electric vehicles
      • Providing joint solutions to the automotive industry
      • First business award as a complete Level 4 fallback system


      With the development of scalable, full-stack software and hardware systems based on AI, Continental and Ambarella are jointly paving the way towards autonomous mobility. Due to the growing amount of data, the complexity in the vehicle is increasing. Growing automated and ultimately autonomous mobility, therefore, requires a central approach with a high-performance, yet energy-efficient system-on-chip (SoC)-based system.

      Compared to other solutions, Ambarella's "CV3-AD" AI SoC family processes sensor data faster and more efficiently. This not only enables safer mobility thanks to holistic environmental perception, but also ensures up to five times higher energy efficiency. The system solutions from Continental and Ambarella reduce the battery weight by several kilograms and decrease both the power consumption and the cooling requirements of the automated driving control unit (ADCU).

      Since our partnership announcement in January at CES 2023, we have expanded the scope of our joint full-stack system solutions from Level 2+ to highly automated, into L4 autonomous driving. Just recently, Continental and Ambarella achieved the first business award for these jointly developed solutions as a complete Level 4 fallback system. We offer vehicle manufacturers the greatest possible flexibility for integrating our joint solutions into their latest vehicle generations.

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      Jennifer Weyrich

      Media Spokesperson and Topic Manager Autonomous Mobility

      Continental Automotive

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