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      Thermal management solutions: Comfortable temperatures for sensitive electric batteries

      • Optimized thermal management lines extend ranges of electric and hybrid vehicles
      • Individual solutions with focus on lightweight construction increase safety and comfort for every vehicle category, even on long journeys


      The market for electric vehicles is booming, and the development of the necessary battery packs is making equally big strides toward a sustainable future. However, e-batteries and the power electronics are very sensitive in everyday use. Continental's thermal management solutions keep the temperature of individual vehicle components in the optimum range between 20 and 40 degrees Celsius, thus ensuring longer ranges and greater safety.


      Depending on the type of vehicle, Continental develops line systems, connectors and functional elements made of different materials. The focus is clearly on the customer - individual solutions with optimum use of materials are developed according to customer requirements. The ultra-light thermoplastic lines with an improved CO2 footprint reduce weight in the vehicle and thus ensure a longer vehicle range.

      Continental's development teams are also thinking about the occupants. This is because the new, integrated line systems help to regulate the temperature of the passenger cell in a highly efficient and climate-friendly way. Through this integrated temperature management, Continental increases a vehicle's efficiency, safety and range.

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