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      Employee Diversity and Equal Opportunities

      Continental is committed to equal opportunities for all employees, regardless of age, gender, nationality, religion, skin color or sexual orientation. For us, it is the abilities and potential within people themselves that count. This attitude is also reflected in our corporate guidelines and in our signing of the German Diversity Charter. 

      Our activities are currently focused on a balanced gender ratio and internationalism. 

      Advancement of female managers

      We have defined clear objectives for all business units when it comes to the advancement of women in our company. This entails increasing the proportion of women in the upper and middle management tiers. To make progress on this front, diagnostic procedures have been introduced that aim to eliminate any prejudice toward women when making recruitment decisions. The Global Diversity Network, an umbrella organization for women’s networks at our company, was established to support women’s career development. It supports networking activities in the countries in which we operate. A program has also been set up to boost the effectiveness and careers of young women. This and other measures helped us to increase the proportion of women in management positions by 0.3 percentage points in 2020, bringing the overall figure to 16.2% as at the end of December. In 2020, the total proportion of women at the company was 27.2%. Our goal is to achieve a percentage of women in management positions of 25% by 2025.

      Further enhancing internationalism

      For us, diversity also refers to the international make-up of our workforce. Around 75% of our employees work at locations outside Germany – and 43% are based outside Europe. The highly international nature of the corporation is reflected in the many nationalities of the employees working at our different locations – we currently have around 50 nationalities. We principally aim to achieve a balanced ratio of local and international managers at all locations. This is in line with market requirements and our global outlook. The proportion of local and international managers fluctuates according to the region. In 2020, the proportion of international managers at the corporation was approximately 46%.

      Document about this topic (German): Diversity Charter - pdf (1.52MB)