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      Employee key figures and structure

      Around the world, our employees contribute to the company’s success each day. Responsibility for our employees is therefore a central element of our actions. We currently operate in 58 countries and markets. Continental employs a good 43% of its workforce outside of Europe, 20% of which in Asia. As a global corporation, we respect the countries and cultures in which we operate. Everyone at Continental has the right to equal opportunity, regardless of age, gender, race, religion, nationality or sexual orientation.

      Structure of the workforce
      Structure of the workforceDec. 31, 2020Dec. 31, 2019
      Total number of employees236,386241,458
      thereof permanent staff223,034228,820
      outside Germany166,512170,385
      in Germany56,52258,435
      Female employees in %27,227,4

      1In Germany.

      Employees by region
       Dec. 31, 2020Dec. 31, 2019
      Europe excluding Germany32%32%
      North America19%19%
      Other regions4%4%
      Unforced fluctuation1, 2Dec. 31, 2020Dec. 31, 2019
      Europe w/o Germany4.66.9
      North America6.89.4
      Other countries4.53.5

      1 Definition: sickness-related absence relative to contractually agreed working times.

      2 Excluding temporary staff (i.e. permanent staff only).

      Employees by level of employment and contract types
      Employees by level of employment in % 1, 2Dec. 31, 2020Dec. 31, 2019
      Employees by contract types1  
      Permanent contracts86.085.8
      Fixed-term contracts314.014.2

      1 Based on the employees recorded in the HR data system (approx. 97%).

      2 Part-time is defined as < 90% of full-time working hours.

      3 Includes temporary worker contracts. As of December 31, 2019, Continental employed a total 12,638 (PY: 14,303) temporary workers.