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      Demography program

      Continental is meeting the challenges of demographic change with a comprehensive concept

      Companies will be confronted with considerable challenges during the coming decades in the face of the demographic trend in western industrialized nations. There will be an increase in the number of older employees. This is also the case for our factories.

      To take this into account, we have developed a comprehensive concept in the shape of our company-wide demography program, concentrating on four aspects:

      • Workplace design
      • Health maintenance for longer employment
      • Targeted qualification measures
      • Motivation for a longer working life

      In workplace design, we measure the "age stability" of our production workstations using an ergonomic assessment tool. This way, we create workstations for older workers, for example by improving the work environment ergonomics with a view to increasing older employees' capacity to perform their work tasks. All new workstations are set up according to ergonomic criteria. We are therefore gradually adapting existing workstations to requirements.

      Many of our measures focus on health protection in the plants; they are designed above all to promote health-conscious behavior. Continental also offers programs for cancer screening and exercise, as well as vaccination campaigns.

      Lifelong learning is particularly challenging in times of demographic change. The HR departments therefore work with the specialist departments to address further qualification for employees using targeted, individually tailored programs.

      All of these measures aim to allow our older employees to contribute to their own personal success and the economic success of the company at their usual high performance level.