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      Knowledge Management

      From the corporate suggestion scheme to systematic promotion of innovation – 87 years of knowledge management.

      Even in 1930, employees were already able to actively incorporate their thoughts and ideas into processes and products via the “employee suggestion program.” If a measurable improvement for the company was achieved as a result of their suggestions, there was a reward.

      We refined this system to create the Continental Ideas Management (CIM) system: Our employees are therefore actively involved in the improvement of their working world. Their suggestions are rewarded with bonuses and special offers. Some 420,000 suggestions were received in 2017, for example, of which more than 360,000 were implemented. This not only resulted in savings of more than €136 million, but is also a testament to the active engagement of our employees with the company and its values.

      Breaking new ground with Contivation

      In 2016, we rolled out our ideas management system worldwide and improved it. With Contivation, we introduced a platform that allows early and extensive sharing of innovative product ideas. Suggestions posted in this system can be discussed and refined in a process of mutual collaboration. Innovation managers from a range of business units examine both the stage of maturity and the potential of the idea as well as oversee the development process, right down to passing the idea on to the relevant departments. This dialog with other divisions and countries allows many a good idea to be turned into products that are ready for production and are ultimately true innovations.