Key figures on environmental protection

Clear targets for improvement

We have set ourselves clear targets. By 2020, we want to reduce our CO2 emissions, energy and water consumption, and waste generation by 20% – in relation to adjusted sales, using 2013 as a basis. We also intend to improve our waste recycling and reuse rate by two percentage points a year. We are on track to achieve our targets. With regard to energy consumption, CO2 emissions and water consumption, we already achieved a reduction of roughly 13% to 15% three years before the end of the timeframe at the locations where we launched the environmental strategy programs in 2013. However, it is also apparent that the consolidated key figures for the environment have not developed in the desired direction due to the many acquisitions in recent years. Further measures must be implemented at our new locations so that we can contribute to the achievement of the environmental targets there, too. In waste generation and recycling, it also appears that the achievement of the targets will require further initiatives besides the programs to reduce waste and increase the recycling rate already begun.


Key Figures