Key figures on environmental protection

At the end of 2018, the more than 200 major production and development locations were certified according to ISO 14001 (environmental management) and more than 90 locations were already certified according to ISO 50001 (energy management). This corresponds to over 80% and roughly half of the total workforce respectively. The focus of environmental management is efficiency and thus the improvement of each specific type of consumption.

In the production units, we are working on making processes more efficient and more sustainable. Because of Continental’s growth in past years, the absolute values for energy use, CO2 emissions, waste generation and water demand have increased continuously. Compared with 2013, there was an improvement in the specific performance indicators of 3 % for energy, 2 % for CO2 and 5 % for water. The specific figures for waste, however, were 13 % higher than in 2013. The increases in efficiency and measures for improvement in the plants were balanced out by changes in the portfolio, sales effects, increasing vertical integration, more energy-intensive production technologies, and higher quality requirements.

Key Figures