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      Remanufacturing is part of our environmental strategy and supports the circular economy principles in terms of recycling products and product components.

      Rather than manufacturing products from scratch, non-functioning components are either repaired or partially replaced with new ones. This is particularly worthwhile when a product comprises both extremely durable components and wearable parts. In this way, the larger durable component is retained and does not have to be produced from scratch.

      We not only protect the environment and conserve resources with energy and material savings of up to 90%, but also reduce CO2 emissions per component, for example, by between 50% and 90%. At the same time, we also cut our costs and can pass these savings on to our customers through cheaper prices compared with new parts. Our original equipment customers call for remanufacturing in the production phase when components are still being developed because it is a worthwhile and resource-efficient principle. Auto repair shops are also very interested in this because having recycled products enables them to offer their customers an additional high-quality, reasonably priced product line alongside new parts.

      The quality of recycled products is a top priority, which is why wearable parts are replaced only with new original Continental parts. Before they leave our plant, remanufactured parts have to pass the same tests as production parts. This means 100% performance and reliability with just 10% of the energy and raw materials costs, which is why we want to continue to expand our range of recycled parts.