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      Corporate Citizenship

      Corporate Citizenship

      As an active member of the global community, we demonstrate sustainable commitment to social issues.

      We are proud of the large numbers of our staff who regularly work in their communities or support different charitable causes on behalf of Continental.

      We are primarily involved in the regions and markets in which we are present or that are directly influenced by our business activities. Our commitment focuses on local social challenges and aims to make long-lasting, positive changes to people’s living conditions and the environment. Community projects, donations and other charitable activities are therefore initiated and managed at a local level and also at the discretion of the decentralized units. In particular, these include donations and corporate volunteering, as well as partnerships with public and non-profit organizations, schools and universities. Projects within education, diversity and equal opportunities, as well as environmental protection and road safety are particularly important to us.

      Wherever possible, we bring aspects of our core business into practice in order to make our employees’ professional skills even more effective in a social context – such as in the form of mentoring programs.

      Our corporate citizenship network promotes international exchange within the company and further develops methods and approaches to social commitment, whilst focusing on the effectiveness of the measures.

      Regional donations, for example disaster relief, as well as measures and campaigns, such as the creation of the “For One Another Fund” for sustainable coronavirus help, are coordinated at a central level.