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      Safety First Young Drivers

      “Safe Road, Safe Lives”

      In Thailand, there are many young people who drive and are therefore exposed to the hazards of the road. Road safety is a particular concern for Continental. So for some years now, Continental employees have been providing the “Safe Roads, Safe Lives” safety training course for young drivers in cooperation with the Rayong highway police.

      The objective of the training is to improve safety standards by raising safety awareness, including among school students. Selected staff and members of the Thai highway patrol give workshops where they explain to participants in detail what they should look out for in road traffic. For example, how to protect themselves and others from hazards, what distinguishes a safe vehicle and the importance of wearing a helmet on mopeds and motorcycles.

      Over 1,300 participants have completed the training to date. Continental Thailand also plans to continue its workshops aimed at raising awareness among employees at the tire plant in Rayong.