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      Our Business Partner Code of Conduct - pdf (94KB)comprises the ecological, social and legal requirements that we have for our suppliers.

      Since 2011, all our suppliers and service providers have had to comply with our code of conduct for suppliers and for business partners. This encompasses seven points, including respect for human rights, anti-corruption and data protection. Our suppliers promise to observe these principles.

      In addition to the commitment of suppliers to comply with the Code of Conduct, production materials suppliers are subject to review prior to initiating a supply relationship. The goal is to review the suppliers on the basis of different criteria with respect to their sustainable "delivery capability." Apart from technological and financial criteria, the suppliers are also evaluated with respect to general corporate issues. Plant visits are also carried out as part of the review to obtain an impression of the prevailing working conditions. This is integrated into the review if apparent deficits are ascertained. A supply relationship can be suspended in extreme cases if agreed countermeasures do not yield the desired success.