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      Organization and Management

      The Sustainability group function overseen by the board member for Human Relations and Sustainability is responsible for sustainability management. It coordinates the implementation of the sustainability strategy, its further development and an interdepartmental sustainability committee. In addition to two members of the Executive Board, the relevant business units and group functions are represented in this steering committee. Coordinators and interdepartmental sustainability councils in the business areas complement the sustainability organization. The Environment department reports directly to of the chairman of the Executive Board.

      Questions of sustainability are also the subject of regular reports from the Executive Board to the Supervisory Board concerning ongoing business development, and at the strategy meeting, which takes place once a year. The Audit Committee of the Supervisory Board is closely linked to Compliance and Risk Management.

      Our corporate guidelines, Code of Conduct, CSR Principles and Corporate Governance Principles are the foundation of our sustainability management:

      • Corporate guidelines: OUR BASICS describe our vision, our mission, our four values and how we want to work together.
      • Code of Conduct: The Continental Code of Conduct describes ethical standards and requirements concerning employee behavior.
      • Corporate Governance Principles: Based on applicable legal provisions, the German Corporate Governance Code, and the corporate guidelines, these principles describe in detail the corporation's managerial and supervisory tasks and processes.
      • Sustainability Ambition: It defines our four focus areas and the goals that we have set ourselves. It also describes our eight essentials for sustainability.