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      Human Rights

      Respecting Human Rights

      Policies and guidelines 

      Continental has implemented binding codes of conduct on human rights across the entire Group. In these policies, we commit to respect for human rights and the core labor standards of the International Labor Organization (ILO), in accordance with the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights. We expect the same from our business partners.

      Risk Analysis, Measures and Monitoring 

      Continental pursues a twofold and inclusive human rights due diligence approach. This covers our own locations worldwide as well as the entire supply and value chain. All employees are informed in detail about the Code of Conduct, which is part of the employment contract. To this end, mandatory on-line and on-site training are provided, including a specific training module on human rights and good working conditions. In 2019, around 90,000 training courses were held (2018: 85,000). Additionally, human rights-specific training courses with relevant management functions within the company are held, to promote the integration of the topic in management processes and business decisions.

      A process with a view on our entire value chain has been established and is regularly developed further, in order to continuously and systematically identify, assess and minimize human rights at country level. At our locations, risks are assessed and minimized e.g. by local ESH managers (ESH: environment, safety, health) and our country coordinators for labor relations. This includes, for example, conducting analyzes, targeted training and monitoring progress. We check potential new and existing suppliers and service providers by means of self-information. This is done through the EcoVadis and NQC sustainability platforms, as well as risk-based audits on site. In order to increase transparency and sustainability along our supply chains, we are cooperating with competitors and other stakeholders through various industry initiatives.

      Grievance mechanism

      Employees and third parties outside of the company have the possibility to report violations of the Codes of Conduct or suspected cases through a Anti-corruption & Compliance Hotline. If permitted by law, notices and information may also be handed-in anonymously. Infringements of our codes of conduct are followed up and, where appropriate, sanctioned. If business partners fail to comply Continental reserves the right to request improvement measures or to terminate the business relationship.

      More information on our human rights approach can be found in our integrated sustainability report.