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      Stakeholder Dialog

      Our stakeholders are our employees, shareholders and stockholders, our customers, partners and suppliers, as well as the company as a whole. We treat everyone with honesty and fairness and are in constructive dialog with them.

      Dialog With Our Employees

      We are in ongoing dialog with our employees so that we can get to know them even better and learn in which areas we can make improvements. Every two to three years since 2004, we have surveyed employees worldwide on their overall satisfaction, the management quality within the company, and their opinion of Continental. Participation in the survey is voluntary, and confidentiality and anonymity are ensured throughout.

      The Executive Board communicates with the workforce via live transmissions (webcasts), letters from the Executive Board, in which the company’s business development is explained, and through the internal social network and town hall meetings.

      Communication With Shareholders and Stockholders

      We communicate with our shareholders and stockholders at roadshows and trade fairs and they ask us their questions at the Annual Shareholders' Meeting. Furthermore, we are in regular and personal contact with analysts, private shareholders and other capital market participants

      Communication with Customers, Scientists and Consumers

      We are in conversation with customers and suppliers with regard to development partnerships and shared activities, and with scientists regarding research projects. Automated driving is an example of a currently important topic. To this end, Continental has created the platform to help advance public debate in this area. On, experts and consumers have the opportunity to form their opinions on technical, legal, and social aspects of the mobility of the future and participate in the dialog.

      In Contact With Potential Employees: Young Professionals

      In order to respond optimally as an employer to the needs of future generations of employees and to address social issues, Continental regularly conducts surveys of students and people in employment. The annual surveys were introduced in Germany back in 2004 and were added later in Romania, China and Brazil

      In Tune With Mobility

      Continental regularly asks vehicle users about aspects such as driving behavior, hybrid technology, electromobility and road traffic safety. Scientific and automotive industry experts are also interviewed for this purpose. In the Continental Mobility Studies, the focus is on the topics that particularly concern people worldwide: urbanization, safety, automated driving, connectivity, limited energy resources and costs.

      Collaboration With Associations and Politicians

      Continental maintains an active and open exchange with associations, trade unions and politicians, which allows the company to contribute to relevant political issues as well as regulatory and legal processes. Continental supports policymakers and legislators in the development of mobility of the future, especially in the areas of safety, the environment, information, and affordability. As a participant in the "United Nations Global Compact" and through our cooperation in the Global Compact Network Germany, we advocate human rights, labor standards, environmental protection, and the fight against corruption. For topics concerning sustainable development, we are committed to a variety of different initiatives and are an active member of econsense, the Forum for Sustainable Development of German Business.