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      Next to sharing posts from our official profiles, you can create your own posts around our 150th anniversary. The suggested posts are here for your inspiration and can and should be further personalized. No further alignment for these posts is needed and you will save time by copy-pasting.

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      150 Years of Continental

      Our Heritage

      Continental is celebrating her 150th anniversary this year, I’m so proud to experience this historic milestone! #Continental150years #FeelOurHeartbeat

      download picture - jpg (549KB)


      150 Years Time Travel Video

      Amazing to look back and see how everything started at Continental. It has been an extraordinary 150 years! For me it’s [x] years I’m part of this journey and I’m looking forward to many more!

      download video - mp4 (110MB)

      150 Years Milestone for Mobility

      Very proud of the progress and achievements we made over the past 150 years. Let's go for the next milestones! I’m ready in my starting block at [job function, aea of responsibility, …]. #FeelOurHeartbeat #FutureMobility #Continental150Years

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      Work Anniversary Wishes and Appreciation Messages

      Happy [x]th work anniversary to me! Happy 150th birthday to my employer Continental. Time flies, it’s hard to believe [x] years have gone by already. I’m grateful for […]. Special thanks to [name persons] for […].

      Good Old Days

      This is my piece of the 150 year history of Continental. I took a break and went through my pictures selecting one for each of my Continental years. Simply good memories!


      Marble Adventure Game

      Marble Adventure Game Facts

      Already at level 14! Here I have found out that the largest Continental tire called “Continental DumperMaster” has a diameter of 206cm and it is used daily in loading and mining vehicles. What level are you in?

      Marble Adventure Game Colleagues

      I work for Continental since [x] years, but just today I learned in our Marble Adventure game that I have colleagues in more than 430 locations in almost 59 countries and markets. Greetings to all of you out there I’ve never met!

      download picture - jpg (374KB)


      Marble Adventure Video Time Travel

      It has been great to travel through the 150 years history of Continental with the Marble Adventure game! I’ve gone from a local manufacturer of rubber products to an international technology group. You should definitely try it out! #Continental150Years #FeelOurHeartbeat

      download video - mp4 (200MB)


      Marble Adventure Race Through Time

      To celebrate turning 150 years old, Continental built a game! In Marble Adventure, you can race through time and explore different regions while learning some fun facts along the way. #FeelOurHeartbeat and raise yours while playing! Follow the link to check it out:  #Continental150Years

      download video - mp4 (181MB)


      Calendar Stories

      Flying High with Continental for 150 Years

      This is my favorite picture from the Continental’s birthday calendar! It is amazing that in 1900, Continental delivered the balloon material for sealing the gas cells of the first German airship, the Zeppelin LZ 1.

      Download picture in landscape format - png (570KB)

      Download picture in portrait format - jpg (1.56MB)

      From Hanover into the World, for 150 Years

      It is amazing to see how much we have grown, since Continental was founded in 1871. Can’t wait to visit our headquarters currently being built. It will have a strong architectural impact and a real landmark!

      Download picture in landscape format - png (272KB)

      Download picture in portrait format - jpg (1.80MB)

      Tennis Balls and Football Stadiums

      I’m into sports as you might know . 2 fun sport facts about my employer:

      1. In the late 19th century, Continental also produced consumer goods made from soft rubber, such as the tennis balls, where 20 people made 100 tennis balls by hand in one day!
      2. Continental equips some of the largest and most important stadiums in the world with its coatings and upholstery. Just found out  the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami seats remain at a pleasant temperature despite long days of relentless sun, thanks to the special “cool colors” technology.​​​​​​​​​​​​​

      Download picture in landscape format - png (526KB)

      Download picture in portrait format - jpg (1.82MB)​​​​​​​

      Continental Keeps the Tires Turning

      Great to see how far we’ve come! At the beginning of the 20th century, we produced bicycle tires and car tires exclusively by hand in one factory in Hanover. Today, our tires are made in 16 countries around the world! From the smallest with a diameter of just 10,5 cm, found in forklift trucks, up to 206 cm for the ContinentalDumperMaster, the largest tire used in loading and mining vehicles.

      Download picture in landscape format - png (597KB)

      Download picture in portrait format - jpg (2.13MB)

      Continental Is also Driving the Future in Motor Racing

      I’m watching racing since my childhood and maybe this was also one reason why I chose working for Continental . Just saw in a calendar picture from my employer that in the mid-1950s, Continental not only provided tires for racing cars, but was even a motor racing promoter. Funny to see this very old logo. Today I’m following the “Extreme E” off-road electric car racing series, where races are held at worldwide locations with particularly challenging conditions – in jungles, in deserts, at Arctic temperatures, at extreme altitudes or on the narrowest of island roads. I don’t only recommend watching this race because Continental is a sponsor . 

      Download picture in landscape format - png (677KB)

      Download picture in portrait format - jpg (1.96MB)

      Mobile Everywhere – From the Office to the Road

      I can work in a mobile and agile manner – at open workstations equipped with state-of-the-art digital technology. I’m really thankful for that, especially when I see the working conditions from the early 1950s (picture from Hanover), where the telephone switchboard enabled “fast and efficient” communication with customers throughout the entire world.

      Download picture in landscape format - jpg (30KB)

      Download picture in portrait format - jpg (1.65MB)

      Agriculture Transformed – When Humans and Machines Work Hand-in-Hand

      I’m from the countryside, but I did not know yet that Continental has been developing products for agriculture for more than 80 years. In the past it was “only” tractor tires and steep-angle conveyor belts. Today, many of these modern combine harvesters run on our tires, are equipped with our toothed and V-belts as well as transfer belts, and even develops intelligent solutions for smart farming – from drones through to robotic systems.

      Download picture in landscape format - jpg (29KB)

      Download picture in portrait format - jpg (1.75MB)

      Connected Continental – Communication with a Finger on the Pulse

      In 1921 the staff in Hanover ensured secure communication within the Continental buildings by using telegraph devices and pneumatic post tubes. And today? Continental is connecting cars with the aid of V2X technology (vehicle-to-everything technology) via a 4G and 5G network to ensure greater safety and efficiency on the roads. What a development! Amazing to be part of this!

      Download picture in landscape format - jpg (28KB)

      Automation – Continental Takes the Next Step Toward Industry 4.0

      I’m one out of more than 230,000 Continental employees. In the mid-1920s, Continental employed around 14,500 people. Precise manual work was required in many areas of production, such as the manufacture of conveyor belts, and although production chains have undergone fundamental change over the course of time, now numerous systems at Continental are automated, but people are still needed to monitor these processes. We also continue to rely on manual work to a certain extent. Racing bike tires, for example, are still produced by hand.

      Download picture in landscape format - jpg (32KB)

      Download picture in portrait format - jpg (709KB)

      (R)evolution in the Cockpit

      I’m driving a […] and it is very comfortable luckily. In the early 1960s, the equipment of cars was still very minimalist, there was no air-conditioning system, navigation system or heated seats. Now, also thanks to Continental’s Integrated Interior Platform, drivers can project important traffic information directly onto their windshield and dashboard, while the passenger can watch a movie or listen to music without loudspeakers thanks to the Ac2ated Sound System. Hope I can have that soon as well!

      Download picture in landscape format - png (619KB)

      Download picture in portrait format - jpg (1.88MB)

      Heartbeat Stories

      Share your own heartbeat story

      You have a longer story to tell about your history at Continental. Let future colleagues know what your heart is beating for and write an article for the People@Continental external blog. Just follow this link and submit a short form so we know you are interested in telling your own heartbeat story. We will contact you with the next steps.


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      Social Media Headers

      We offer many options if you would like to brand your social media profile. Also a version including the 150 years logo is available for download on our media cloud.

      Gifs/ Stickers

      Next to the Continental Employer Brand and product stickers you can now also find 150 years stickers on Instagram. Just search for “Continental” in gifs and they will show up. Have fun!