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      How does our DRIVE graduate program differ from a direct entry?

      Continental’s DRIVE graduate program supports you to gain valuable skills and competences in your area of expertise and will prepare you for your future role. Through carefully designed 3 development steps you will gain a holistic view on processes, structures, functions, and interfaces within Continental. One of these steps is an 8-month long international assignment to one of our locations world-wide. In addition to your professional development, you will have the opportunity to attend DRIVE specific modules for personal development as well as have access to all Continental’s training and development measures. You will be supported in gaining visibility in the management team and provided with a solid foundation on which to build up your own personal worldwide network and career.

      Having a PhD, can I apply for the DRIVE graduate program?

      If you have a PhD, are interested in the DRIVE graduate program and your profile fits to the stated requirements, feel free to apply! See also FAQ “Who is the target group of the DRIVE program?”

      Can I apply for a DRIVE graduate program in a country where I am not a resident at?

      The DRIVE graduate programs are open to all, but some positions require knowledge of the local language or native fluency. Graduates are placed and employed under a local contract in the recruiting country. 

      Can I apply for different positions within the DRIVE graduate program?

      Yes. We offer the DRIVE graduate program positions in different locations and countries. You can apply for different positions but have in mind that your profile should fit to the stated requirements. (Take a look at our job portal. Job postings for the DRIVE graduate program starting for Germany and China in October, for Romania in January)

      Who is the target group of the DRIVE graduate program?

      The DRIVE graduate program is set up for graduates who are finalizing or have just finished a Bachelor’s, Master’s, or PhD degree. Candidates with first professional work experience are also considered.

      May I send an unsolicited application?

      We do not accept unsolicited applications.  All applications have to refer to concrete positions. (Take a look at our job portal. Job postings for the DRIVE graduate program starting for Germany and China in October, for Romania in January)

      How long does the application process take?

      You can follow your application status online and see what status it is in. After applying, you will receive confirmation that your application was received. You may be asked to complete any missing information or to provide certain documents. Once these tasks are completed, the recruitment process then follows the steps as stated on the Continental DRIVE website.

      What is the structure of the assessment center and how should I prepare myself?

      Our assessment centers (AC) consist of individual and team tasks, presentations, and interviews. You will be given detailed information about these tasks at the AC. The language of the assessment center is English, and it take place virtually.

      You will be best prepared if you act as yourself and show your motivation.

      What type of employment will I get as a DRIVE graduate?

      The DRIVE graduate program involves a full-time employment with an unlimited contract for young professionals.

      Where does the international assignment take place? Who decides?

      The location of the international assignment hast to be meaningful. The selection of country and location depends on the position, which international locations have the greatest benefit for personal development and also on department needs. The final decision is made together with the DRIVE participant, the supervisor and the local HR.


      I graduate after the entry date 1st of May. Can I still apply?

      If you graduate in the next couple of weeks after 1st of May, please feel free to apply.  Please keep in mind, that you should inform the recruiters about your graduation date during the recruiting phase.