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      Why are online assessments used as part of the recruitment process?

      Online assessments are a reliable and valid way of understanding a candidate’s fit with Continental. The assessments are a good way of standardizing our selection process. Our online assessments are designed to predict future performance and success of candidates at Continental.

      What kind of online assessment does Continental use?

      Continental uses various online assessments. Depending on the position you are applying for, you will have to complete two or three assessments: The first two test parts include a numerical and a logical assessment, while another assessment focuses on a self-description of your personality.

      Is there a time limit for answering the questions?

      Yes, there are time limits for answering the questions. You will be informed about those time limits before you start the assessments/modules.

      Can I take a short break between the online assessments?

      You can only take a break between assessments. Unfortunately it is not possible to take a break while an assessment is being completed.

      Why should I take the online assessment as soon as possible?

      The online assessment is part of your application profile. We therefore ask you to complete the online assessment as soon as possible after submitting your application. In this way, we can work together to ensure the fastest possible recruiting process.

      What if I need support due to a disability?

      Please contact us so that we can find a solution to support you through your application process. Use the contact possibilities of the country you are applying in.

      Germany: Please get in touch with us via this contact form.
      United States:

      What if I need support with the Online Assessments?

      Please contact us by filling in the form so that we can find a solution to support you through your application process.

      What happens if the Internet connection is broken during the online assessments?

      It is necessary that you have an internet connection at the start of each test and after you completed the test, as the data is loaded at the beginning and will be transferred after completion. In between, editing is possible without a connection. If there is no internet connection for the data transfer, the specific instrument that was conducted will be blocked and the assessment data is lost. 

      In case the session will be suddenly stopped (e.g. due to loss of internet connection), the session will be blocked and unblocked immediately, up to 3 times. Afterwards the session won't be automatically unblocked and you need to reach out to the Recruiter / IT support (see next question).

      What if I experience technical problems?

      Please contact us via and our partner will be happy to help you with any inconveniences that arise. Please be aware that the communication with our technical support staff needs to be in English.

      Which Internet browsers and operating systems can I use to complete the Continental Online Assessments?

      Please ensure you use one of the supported browsers listed below. Tablets and smartphones are also supported, although we recommend you use a computer.

      • Firefox 69.0 ,Windows 8 / MacOS X  
      • Chrome 45. in Windows 8  / MacOS X 
      • Safari 12.0 in MacOS X 10.12  
      • Edge in Windows 10 
      • Chromium Edge 79+ 
      • Android 4.4 (and higher) 
      • iOS 12.0 (and higher)