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      Do you still hire during Corona crisis?

      We are always searching for new colleagues, also during Corona crisis. Currently the number of open positions is reduced. All open positions can be found in our job portal. Since the current times are changing on a daily basis, we inform candidates immediately if something should change in their application process. You can also always see the status of your application after login to our system.

      Is there any change in the application process during Corona crisis?

      In general, initial calls and interviews are usually by phone with follow-up interviews in-person or sometimes via video conference. Since physical interviews are not possible during lockdown periods we switched to virtual interviews everywhere possible.

      In addition, please allow us some more time to get back to you as also our recruiters are currently finding their balance between work and family life.

      How should I prepare for a virtual interview?

      For video interviews we either use MS TEAMS, SKYPE, or HireVue. Your recruiter will tell you before which system it will be in your case. If you don’t have a camera we will switch to phone only, but video is highly appreciated.


      Some tips from our recruiters you can follow:

      1. Find a quiet place with good lighting without distraction.
      2. Make sure your internet connection is strong so you don’t get disconnected. You should test your technical equipment before the video starts and this might require some time if you need to fix something.
      3. Stabilize your computer on a solid surface to prevent camera shake.
      4. Get used to talk into the camera. Don’t break out your acting skills, we want to see your personality.
      5. To get important points across while keeping your answers concise it is often helpful to use the STAR format: Describe your situation and task, your action and the result.
      6. Be comfortable. Wear your typical wardrobe and don’t masquerade.
      7. Tell your story. Nobody can tell it better than you.
      8. Please be concentrated even more and be there with all of your senses during the virtual interview, because the reactions of each other are more difficult to “read”.

      Our recruiters share some more details on these tips in their video: