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      A man and a woman stand in a production hall

      Cross-Discipline System Engineering

      Your Job: Thinking outside the Box

      In interdisciplinary system development, you play an important role in the development of new products and technologies at Continental. You will work closely with different departments and ensure smooth system integration.

      From Challenges to Solutions

      Requirements engineering and requirements management are the top priority in order to understand customer requirements and incorporate them into the development process. You will be responsible for creating software architectures and modeling processes to turn complex requirements into high-performance solutions.

      Secret Recipe: Continuity

      Process optimization and the continuous improvement of development processes also represent important tasks in order to bring our products to market faster. By using the latest technologies such as artificial intelligence, sensor technology, and machine learning, you are able to develop pioneering solutions and integrate them successfully.

      My Job Is Done When Our Vision Is Visible on Every Road

      Holding a doctorate in physics, Senior Systems Engineer Oliver Fochler specializes in theoretical high-energy nuclear physics and numerical simulation. “It’s my job to bring automated driving to the road. Following five years of development work, I can’t wait to finally experience it in everyday traffic on the freeway. There will be a product on the market that will help prevent thousands of road accidents around the world. Continental strives for innovation and makes a major contribution to the transformation of mobility. This is also due to the company’s 150-year history: during this time, Continental has repeatedly adapted to new circumstances with great success. Automated driving is just one of many challenges. Continental offers a working environment in which you can truly shape the future as a team. I am also highly motivated by the opportunity to help pave the way for automated driving. We are developing something that will soon become a reality. I want to be able to buy a car that can drive itself down the freeway.”