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      May 05, 2023

      Turn aspirations into impact

      Hi, my name is Denise and I’m currently a graduate on the Continental IT Graduate Program.

      I studied business informatics and joined the IT Graduate Program in September 2021.

      IT has always fascinated me because I believe technologies open up completely new possibilities, be it in terms of data mining, business intelligence or process automation. I am also very into mobility technologies, simply because they affect every one of us. Whether we're going shopping or driving to work, everyone needs to be mobile. That's one of the reasons why I want to work in the automotive industry. I want to contribute to the products that make mobility possible for all of us.

      For me, it was important to experience different IT areas to find out what suits me best. The IT Graduate Program is a great way to go in this case. During my first assignment I was able to sharpen my skills in disciplines I already knew. I’m now on my second assignment and working in what is for me a completely new area – IT in Manufacturing Applications.

      One thing I find great is having other graduates around. On the IT Graduate Program, graduates are encouraged to stay connected and there are always like-minded people facing the same challenges with whom I can share − and we learn from each other’s experiences. There’s also a great network with former graduates, who are willing to help and support you during the program. In the course of different assignments, I’m able to establish my own network, get to know different people and learn about their career paths and experiences.

      You can really tell that Continental appreciates its graduates. For example, in the first six months of the program, the graduates get to work on a group project together, which is ultimately presented to the CIO and management. I think this is something you cannot take for granted as a career starter. On top of that, Continental really tries to respect everyone as individuals and respect diversity, there is even a women's network in IT where we can exchange ideas.

      There are plenty of opportunities there to broaden your horizons if you want to, both on the IT Graduate Program and in Continental as a whole, be it different technological directions and different places or with different people. It’s up to us to decide where the next step will take us. In my next assignment I’m going to the USA, and I’m really looking forward to it, because it will be the first time I step outside Europe.

      Denise Kupfer

      Graduate on the Continental IT Graduate Program