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      April 06, 2023

      Find directions in the world of IT

      My name is Nargiz and I’m a web developer and technical analyst focusing on frontend and UI/UX design and development, with the Continental Tires CC Ecommerce and Fleet solutions IT team.

      I come from Baku, Azerbaijan. I moved to Germany for my master's degree. I joined the IT Graduate Program in 2018, and I can say that the program really helped me to find my way around in the big world of IT. As a young professional, I had an idea of what IT entails, but it is a huge field. With the graduate program, I was able to discover a lot of new areas and learn about the different roles, projects, and career paths in IT.

      My experience before the Graduate Program was always on the programming and development side of IT. The program gave me the opportunity to gain my first experience of project management. I realized during the program that IT is so much more than just coding. The experience and learnings during the Graduate Program led me to shape my career around user-oriented design. I now use my knowledge to create the best possible tools for my users.

      It’s easy to get lost in the technology, focusing only on getting the latest, shiniest product on the market. But I believe it's crucial to make sure users get what they really need. I'm a big fan of customer-oriented design and development, where we put our users first and develop a system that provides what they actually need. The great thing at Continental IT is that we work in close collaboration with the business side. This allows us to offer our solutions directly to the end users.

      I think it’s important to get the visibility you need to develop your career, especially in the early stages. The IT Graduate Program provides that visibility from day one. In a company as big as Continental, that’s a big advantage. During the program, in addition to the assignments, the graduates work on a common project and present the results to the technical committee. It was a great feeling to present our ideas and results to a group of IT experts. And it was also fun to celebrate with my fellow graduates afterwards. At the end of the program, we are given opportunities to introduce ourselves to the various heads of department and discuss possible positions that could suit us.

      If you are someone who has positive energy, great enthusiasm and the willingness to learn, the Continental IT Graduate Program is a perfect match for you.

      Nargiz Alizada

      Web developer and technical analyst