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      Electronic engineer
      March 15, 2018

      Electronic engineer: a well-wired job in a connected team!

      ​​​​​​​My name is Karim and I am an electronic engineer within the electronic development teams @ Engine System in Toulouse (France).

      I participate in the engine control unit design. An engine control unit is a closed and waterproof electronic box, equipped with a microcontroller like what can be found in a desktop computer. Nowadays, the demands of the driver, like acceleration, sporty driving and braking, are transmitted in form of electrical signals to the microcontroller. These electrical information are processed by the microcontroller, which calculates the right amount of air and fuel to be injected into the engine. My job is to implement on an electronic board all the functions needed to read these information and control the various organs that are present in the vehicle (injector, ignition coils, electronical throttle….).

      In the automotive sector, electronics play a key role. To power the components of an electronic board, electric motors or simple injectors, we need a specific power supply. For example, to open an injector in a very short time, we need to build a power supply (65V) from the battery voltage (12V). Another example, in the case of electric vehicles, we must recharge a 400V DC voltage battery from the alternative network in our homes. Thanks to the power electronics, we will be able to transform an AC voltage source into a source of DC voltage.

      The design of a control unit requires several core competencies and trades (electronics, mechanics, quality, process, layout …). The electronical engineer doesn’t work alone, he is the intersection of all these professions. He evolves within a team and is in direct contact with the customer. We are also working closely together with other Continental sites, helping to expand our network internationally and discover other cultures.

      The job requires not only technical skills, but it also requires good human realtions skills. The whole team converges towards the same goal and the project manager is the leader of this team. To define what I like most in my job, I would say: technical challenges, customer satisfaction and human relations.

      Yes, technical skills are essential for this job, but it is at least as important to have people who are open-minded and a good sense of team spirit. If you have these skills and qualities, come join us!^

      This article was written by our employee.

      Karim Boukhris

      Electronic engineer