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      Geek? My Friends Say I Am, But I Don’t Think so :)
      October 26, 2017

      Geek? My Friends Say I Am, But I Don’t Think so :)

      With a Master’s degree in New Technologies of Computing for Business, I chose a job in a booming sector: IT. However, as a child, I was not passionate about computers or video games at all, but rather about dancing!


      So let’s start at the beginning: With my Scientific BAC in my pocket, I was keen to become a school teacher. That is why I chose Mathematics, which introduced me to computer science, a field that arose my curiosity! Being able to create software and websites – things that people use every day – is very exciting! My father, who himself was a software developer, encouraged me to take this path. At the end of my training, I embarked on my professional journey at Sogeti High Tech, where I held the position of a developer. I worked with various clients, designing and developing different tools, including a tool around Pulse for Continental. This was the project that eventually led me to join Continental.

      My job here is very interesting because I have got lots of different fields to work on. I am part of the A IT MA CEP team (France – Toulouse) for CEP Europe plants. As Process Owner of the Laser Marking software component, I gather the needs and steer the technical changes about Laser Marking which is the first step for the PCBs (Printed Circuit Board) production. As Domain Delegate CEP Europe, I coordinate the deployment of new versions of MES (Manufacturing Execution System) tools. And as Project Manager, I take care of the changes of the different steps of the automatic insertion lines. Faced with a constantly changing sector, where methodologies and techniques are rapidly changing, I feel that I am learning all the time. IT is so exciting! It is a sector that offers many opportunities. We mustn’t be influenced by prejudices – computer science is not only for men.

      Moreover, the development of teleworking allows great flexibility to have a good work-life balance. Even though I travel a lot to participate in workshops and meetings, I have got enough time to practice dance and squash every week. I can fully reconcile my personal life with my professional life.


      Caroline De Luca – IT Manufacturing Applications – Toulouse (France)


      This article was written by our employee.

      Caroline De Luca