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      Work and Sports across Business Units
      April 07, 2016

      Work and Sports across Business Units

      In my last blog post, I told you about who I am and what I’m doing as an intern in Japan.

      My internship will be finished by the end of February 2016. I summarized my intern-life not only with regards to work but also to sports .

      Workshop for collaboration

      It is often said that a fusion of different fields is necessary for next generation products, but most people who said that have no idea of such products. That is our team’s motivation, and my task was to think about how to create such products related to HMI and eHorizon. Although we surveyed related services and discussed a lot about collaboration with other business units (BU), there was nothing more than words on paper.

      Then we decided to organize a workshop to discuss about possibilities of collaboration. More than 50 people participated in the workshop from BU IC, ITS, ADAS, and more. In daily business, many colleagues are too busy to take their time thinking about possible future products, so the workshop became a really exciting and valuable opportunity for all participants! I hope this event is the start of a Cross-Business-Unit (CBU) program.

      Skiing and Snowboarding

      At the end of last January, we enjoyed skiing and snowboarding at Sugadaira, Nagano. The trip was coordinated by Cherry Ren, sports project manager of Continental Japan (*joke). We are 7 guys only (3 ADAS, 1 S&T, 1 HR, 1 J.DRIVE, and me) so we took the chance to talk a lot about the activity itself, but also about our daily work.

      Before going for this trip, we didn’t know each other actually, but now it has changed. I feel that such relationships are quite important (especially for a new employee like me). So if you have interest in similar activities please contact me. I am always at your service :).

      Tennis, Tennis, and Tennis !!

      Since last December I have joined the tennis club of Continental Japan which is directed by Sakamoto the head coach (Engine System at Powertrain). I had been playing tennis for 4 years when I was under-graduate, but Sakamato had been playing the official league, so his play looks like Kei Nishikori (amazing!!). Moreover, he knows many colleagues in our division Powertrain. Actually, I didn’t have any connection with Powertrain so far, so this tennis club was a real good opportunity for me.

      That’s all of my intern-life reports, but my Conti-life still continue. I will keep you updated and I would be honored, if you read it. Thank you!!


      This article was written by our employee.

      Nobuto Yoshimura